Crucial for the “War for Talents”: How Corporate Influencers Bring Companies New Employees

Today, companies are finding it difficult to fill vacancies. In order to be able to convince applicants, new and creative approaches are needed, such as using the company’s own employees as corporate influencers.

Today, companies are in the position that they have to search more actively for new employees. The classic, passive job ad no longer serves its purpose. Because the “war for talent” is in full swing. And so it is now the employers who have to advertise themselves and their company, not the other way around. The younger generations entering the job market care about completely different aspects than their predecessors. After all, many offer benefits such as a high salary, new-work approaches and the like. New strategies and creative solutions are needed, such as the use of corporate influencers, to convince talented employees to join the company.

Soft factors before hard facts

So it is often not the hard facts that are decisive, but the soft factors, the values of a company, have a higher priority. It is therefore crucial for them to be clear about these values. Stand for something, not for everything! They should involve their own employees in the elaboration and definition. After all, they are the ones who live the values internally and represent them externally. As authentic representatives of their company, as so-called corporate influencers, they can then use their time and reach in social media profitably for their company. Because nowadays, messages that companies send directly hardly convince anyone anymore, whereas people and their content are perceived as authentic.

Convinced employees for authentic communication

In order to benefit from their own corporate influencers, it is crucial that companies find suitable employees and train them for their use. The most suitable candidates are those who already identify fully with their company, its values and the culture it lives by, and who are satisfied with their work. They act as authentic representatives to the outside world and can thus convince others of their company’s merits. This is precisely where the added value lies for companies through the use of corporate influencers: they allow others an undisguised, direct and personal insight that cannot be achieved through classic HR marketing measures. In this way, they appeal to potential applicants on an emotional level and have a trusting and approachable effect on them. In conjunction with the hard factors and benefits that a company offers, this is ultimately decisive in order to be able to hold one’s own in the “War for Talents”.

Die eigenen Mitarbeitenden sind im Bereich Recruiting eine wertvolle Geheimwaffe und können Bewerber:innen exklusive Einblicke ins Unternehmen geben (Bildquelle: AdobeStock /

Prerequisites for the greatest possible success

LinkedIn and Xing are the most suitable communication channels, and Instagram can also be useful here. It is a great advantage if employees already have a network. Companies can then target suitable employees depending on the position for which they are looking for a new talent. For example, a member of management might have a suitable person in his or her network for a management position, and young graduates might approach someone for a trainee position. If managers then place the necessary trust in their corporate influencers and define measurable goals and company-wide guidelines for the use of social media in advance, nothing stands in the way of a successful recruiting campaign with the help of corporate influencers.


The “war for talent” is in full swing. Companies should therefore focus on their values in order to convince applicants of their merits. Using your own employees as corporate influencers who authentically represent your company is a promising approach. But not everyone is a born influencer. With targeted training, such as that offered by Evernine in the form of Digital Me workshops, companies can enable their employees to communicate successfully on an emotional level with potential candidates via the appropriate channels.


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