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Under the EVG Media brand, the online magazine offerings from the independent companies IBS Publishing and MBF Media, as well as various platforms and magazines not directly belonging to the EVG Media network, are marketed. In addition, this unit offers the classic services of a media agency, i.e. the efficient booking and management of services at publishing and media houses, etc.

We also build our own magazine worlds for brands

Through our two platforms, IBS Publishing and MBF Media, we offer brands, PR agencies and marketing managers new opportunities to place their topics in the right target groups. IBS Publishing concentrates on the B2C sector and uses Influencer Marketing, while MBF Media delivers content from the B2B environment with Data Driven Marketing combined with Content Marketing.

IBS Publishing brings together lifestyle-oriented online magazines based on elements of influencer marketing under one roof. It offers brands vertical expert platforms, with exciting journalistic and expert content, combined with influencer & content marketing. Thus, the portals offer readers a high added value and brands clear KPIs.

MyBusinessFuture is one of the leading online media houses in Germany. With over 12 magazines, brands and customer magazines, we are one of the figureheads of the German content marketing landscape. We are not a classic publishing house! With highly qualified specialist editors, consultants, influencers and trained project managers, we round off our range of modern content marketing.

Our MBF Media World (B2B).

MyBusinessFuture is an up-and-coming digital magazine for success stories, opinion pieces & valuable news for various industries. Among the core areas are: IT & Tech, Engineering & Industries including Automotive, Digital Business & Future Corporate & Finance, Retail & Consumer Goods, Life Sciences & Healthcare.

The publishing platform cloudmagazin bridges the information gap between supply and demand: It opens up completely new possibilities for companies in the IT industry to publish their topics.
At the same time, it generates transparency in the cloud market for business decision-makers.

The magazine Security Today positions all decisive topics around corporate security & DSGVO. Challenges in data protection, but also IT security are described clearly and tangible solutions are presented. Security Today attaches particular importance to practical relevance and clarification for topics in the medium-sized environment.

Our IBS Publishing World (B2C).


InspiredBySports is a digital magazine, expert community & marketing platform in one. We deliver exciting stories from the world of sports and combine all the inspirations that water sports, fitness & yoga, individual sports and action sports have to offer for our growing readership.


youDRESSED is a modern lifestyle magazine with an extensive network of lifestyle experts. Based on elements of influencer marketing, youDRESSED offers all brands vertical expert platforms with exciting journalistic articles and expert content combined with content marketing.


InspiredByBeatz is the magazine for music freaks and festival goers. With an exclusive selection of experts from the music & live industry InspiredByBeatz places your products and events directly into the scene. Through true-to-life concert reports and articles from the music world we create measurable awareness and KPIs for your brands and festivals.


Media Data

We work together with brands, PR agencies and marketers through our magazines
and are always trying to create new marketing opportunities in the content marketing environment.
Here you will find the media data for our two publishing worlds.

We combine the best of the worlds of content and influencer marketing, connecting your message with inspiring experts and stories in professional magazines without advertising and TKP-based budget waste.

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The advantages are obvious. With campaign formats, expert-based marketing, advertorials and media bookings of the “new” generation, as we offer them to you, significantly more creativity and outcome are possible.

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Our customer magazine references


Our prime example of successful content marketing in B2B. The company magazine of the IT group, co-developed and operated by us, features up to 5 awareness & lead campaigns per week and six-digit visitor numbers.


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We have created a wonderful and chic magazine for the digital marketing specialists of the SEM boutique that also meets the high SEO demands of Google and SEM experts. It goes without saying that the magazine is closely linked to the website.


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The Evernine Group has been providing strategic communications support to the All for One Steeb Group since 2017. The cooperation resulted in the brand-neutral Content Hub Mittelstand, which today efficiently supports sales, marketing & PR on the basis of HubSpot.


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Roast Market is one of the leading online shops in Germany for coffee products. In addition to the already existing shop platform, we realized an exciting magazine project that the brand uses for content marketing of the new generation.


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