Effective 360-degree marketing of your B2B services

One problem with booking agencies: they often do not have enough knowledge to deeply understand complex B2B services of their client companies and thereby set up effective marketing concepts. Agencies are also often too specialized to support companies holistically in the so-called “Go To Market”. The Evernine Group from Munich turns this approach around and provides brands with a complete concept to holistic brand building including corresponding, effective marketing – comprehensive consulting included.


Agencies rarely understand what companies with services that require more explanation, especially in B2B, need for the digital development of a brand. Examples are marketing projects from the IT, pharmaceutical or automotive industries. The Munich-based communications agency Evernine has identified this challenge and sets itself apart from the rest of the agency market with its unique approach.


Clients benefit equally from the agency’s positioning as a full-service agency and a communications consultancy at the same time. Often based on best practices and benchmarks, which are still possible in these disruptive times.

Strategic thinking meets high-quality realization


In principle, Evernine presents itself to its clients with four units, which clients can either choose from collectively or individually: Brand Building & Digital Brand Development, Data Systems & Platform Development as well as the Campaigns & Performance and PR & Publishing Units. One main focus of the consulting recommends that clients also consider new approaches such as data marketing, social selling or digital post PR activities.

The IT provider CANCOM was supported in its brand development and digital positioning on the market. More Information.

Market Analyses, Benchmarks & Best Practices

The units are accompanied by consulting units, which, if requested, conduct market and reach analyses or determine benchmarks for the individual projects. Support is provided on the base of a “one voice” model, and clients can also outsource all services to any degree.


The Evernine Group has numerous show cases for such 360-degree projects. In general, the focus is on digitization: The projects range from market access of medium-sized companies to the support of departments or services of upper medium-sized companies or corporations. Evernine then supplements existing know-how and manpower on the customer side in the holistic concepts, which are controlled via KPI, with outsourced services or knowledge transfer.

Examples are the company valantic, which the Evernine Group supports in strengthening the marketing identity in German IT marketing with far-reaching PR and post PR activities, in data marketing and in setting up its own digital magazine. The IT provider CANCOM was also supported in brand building and digital positioning in the market. Further “360 degree” references can be found on the Evernine website under the “Consult” tab.


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“Efficient marketing is always also based on the definition of associated targets and KPIs. We support you End2End in this process – from goal setting, through execution, to monitoring results and optimizing”.


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