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Successful advertisements – The key lies in the environment

At the beginning of 2020, one in three people on earth will own a mobile terminal. In the future, smartphones will be placed above TVs & PCs and, according to a recent study, will be the most popular medium in the world. No wonder that companies are joining this lucrative opportunity to distribute advertisements to the most active consumers.


by Lisa-Marie Werner
Communication Manager


A major challenge for companies is to stand out from the many advertising measures of their competitors and to successfully place their own advertisements. Experience has shown that inappropriate content can damage the reputation of a brand. However, placing advertisements on a high quality website can cause a positive reaction.


In a neurological study on the halo effect, the brain activities of 50 subjects were analyzed by viewing eight different smartphone displays. The impact of the quality and content of the ads was found to be critical for engagement rate, brand perception & brand risk.


Read the full article here to find out exactly how the ads affected the respondents and how you can optimize your advertising accordingly.


Source cover: iStock.com / PeterSnow