New Work – How to use home office for your personal business success

Flexible working time models and an agile corporate policy are becoming business-critical factors. Aspects of New Work are thus playing an increasingly important role. You can find out what you need to know and how you can benefit from an agile process architecture here.


Particularly because many corporate structures are not yet sufficiently geared to digital work, the Corona crisis has caught many small and medium–sized companies off guard. Employees suddenly have to move from open-plan offices to home offices. Even though a changeover is likely to pose a major challenge for the time being, technology and modern corporate structures already provide the framework for designing flexible working time models in such a way that they deliver significant added value for both the company itself and its employees.

Conventional, static organizational structures can quickly have a negative impact on the speed, agility and satisfaction of employees today. Successful cooperation is severely impaired, which in turn restricts the internal process flow immensely.


This becomes problematic if your own company is not technically prepared for this and it lacks the necessary infrastructure to exchange information and work together in virtual teams regardless of location. As a digital communication & innovation consultancy, we proactively promote the implementation and application of flexible corporate structures and always ensure high agility in our existing network of employees, customers and partners.

“We are aware that employees today have clear ideas about their future workplace. Therefore, innovative mobile devices and applications for flexible working are clearly part of the basic equipment for each of our employees. Of course, always taking into account the necessary safety aspects. 


Through individual and demand-oriented home office regulations and flexible working time models, we would like to offer our employees the opportunity to work from anywhere in principle,” says Alexander Roth, CEO of the Evernine Group. 


Alexander Roth, CEO of the Evernine Group

With the use of cloud-based online services such as Office 365 and other tools for the digital exchange of information, the technical requirements of the IT infrastructure are set up in such a way that, in principle, no on-site presence is necessary for daily business. The integration of modern cameras in the meeting rooms and the implementation of innovative platforms for live chats and video conferences also contribute to creating the perfect structure for an agile workplace.

Digital processes and tools have changed the way we work, that is now clear. Processes that used to be associated with a lot of effort and loss of time are now running automatically and can usually be carried out without any problems regardless of location. This not only makes it much easier to network employees within the company, but also to collaborate with external stakeholders such as customers, partners, etc.


Working digitally is our core competence, which is why we use the opportunities offered by a flexible working model for our internal processes and for supporting our customers on an international level. Imagine an intelligent and dynamic environment that is not limited by time or space constraints. We also rely on international co-working providers, which enable us to work close to our customers for any period of time. With the technical basis and a staff management capable of taking personal responsibility, completely new resources are created, which we would of course like to show you.

The Web as your new venue

According to the latest decisions, events will also be temporarily not possible until 31 August 2020 due to the currently ongoing corona crisis. This affects many companies in particular, who suddenly have to change their strategy due to cancelled events, such as trade fair appearances etc. But those who have created the necessary internal infrastructure can also benefit from the current situation and use already planned events in a digital version for their own company.

Show in your industry that your company is agile and let events, meetings or workshops take place digitally without further ado.


Together with our subsidiary NineToNine Events, we set up the necessary infrastructure for you and are happy to assist you in the planning, coordination and implementation of your event, whether in the real or digital world.

Image source: iStock – filadendron