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Native Advertising & Social Selling

Native Advertising & Social Selling – This should be observed by IT companies

2018 offers new opportunities for sales & marketing: social selling, native advertising or social business. But what about business IT? The answer: very good! Because this industry offers great potential for the interaction of new marketing techniques. Here is an overview of the reason for it.


by Kathrin Eubisch
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


How to integrate digital media and new technologies to increase the efficiency of marketing through digital channels? Modern-minded entrepreneurs are fortunate that in recent years they have seen some surprising changes in digital marketing and technology. But what do these changes mean for our future?


1. Native Advertising: count on native ads and smart content

2018, the topic of Native Advertising is clearly in focus. In addition: Content Marketing is constantly evolving. If you do it right as an IT company, you’ll even get two campaigns for the price of one today compared to a few years ago.


Native Advertising, the more natural placement of digital ads, is expected to account for more than 74 percent of total ad revenue by 2021, according to Forbes. Their use is particularly suitable for business IT because these are often products which require explanation. You can target the pain points of the target group. But here you need the know-how for the various topics as well as up-to-dateness of the company content and above all a regular support because native advertising requires a fundamentally different approach.


Gartner reports that brands will focus more on personalization in 2018, as content personalization is characterized by a high degree of effectiveness.


Our tip for content marketing experts: Also use retargeting banners to reach potential customers at different stages of the customer journey, and show them only the content they’ve previously visited.


2.  Marketing and IT have to work together

Agreements in the various departments are very important, otherwise valuable content and synergies will be lost. Ideal networking is the responsibility of the IT department of each company. Above all, it is important to pick them up if new tools should be successfully implemented. This means that all departments should agree to use different marketing tools and techniques. Basically, the collaboration between marketing and IT should be strengthened and appropriate expertise in cloud computing and data management should be borne in marketing departments. This prevents shadow IT in your company. It also drives the integration of marketing automation and social media management.


3. Social Selling – How you become an expert

Social selling is a lead generation technique based on social media. It allows you to interact directly with your prospects on various social media platforms. Modern social selling is not complex and does not require special skills (mostly). But it requires a different way of thinking about the sales process. Sounds interesting? It is, because social selling brings enormous benefits when it comes to successful sales.


On our magazine MyBusinessFuture we go a little deeper into the topic and the importance of Native Advertisings & Social Selling. Read more about this topic here.


Source image: iStock/ warchl