Marketing, Sales & PR verbinden

How to bundle Marketing, Sales & PR for your Company’s Success

Marketing, PR and sales are often anchored as driving forces of corporate communication. Particularly in Germany, these three departments do not always work together efficiently. There is a solution.


by Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


Imagine your company briefly: Marketing, Sales & PR sit at one table to plan the next trade fair or campaign. You don’t have that? You are not alone in this.


In many initial discussions with our clients, we observe that exactly these three departments like to avoid each other or are simply not used to working together. Each department wants to do “its own thing” and is evaluated according to “its own” criteria. This, however, is often the obstacle. Because the departments would be much stronger together, could act modern and up to date. But there are hurdles.


Three typical hurdles for our clients based on fictitious examples:

  1. Sales: 4 sales employees share DACH as a market. They are “classic sales people” – no LinkedIn profile and generally more experience with telesales than with MQL Nurturing. Marketing, however, should ensure that each sales colleague receives 10 new SQLs per month (including telephone number and concrete interests, of course).
  2. PR: There is a similar situation in the PR department. Although they are already familiar with “influencers”, their daily work is more on a personal level with 10-15 journalists. Visibility on the market is not an issue for PR colleagues, that’s what marketing does. Rather one works “around the good reputation will” focused with a PR-agency together and goes here gladly also once own ways, without coordinating itself with the other departments.
  3. Marketing: The marketer in the company is very experienced. But he/she hardly dares to do anything new. The budgets flow into classical advertising measures, there is virtually no return in the form of leads.


As you can see, we are facing a few challenges here for digital brand communication. This problem – whether created by our example or by other factors – is actually quite normal in the German communications landscape.


In this article you will learn how marketing, PR and sales can work together efficiently and in a balanced way.



Title image source: iStock / skynesher