Increased Content Power with Evernine’s enhanced PR & Publishing Unit

From classic editorial text forms to digital formats: With its strongly expanded PR & Publishing Unit and the associated specialist editorial team, Evernine offers all the services of a comprehensive, highly networked agency content factory.


Led by Stefanie Langhans, Head of PR & Publishing, Evernine Group has further expanded its content service division and can from now on provide their customers with fast, high-quality contents of all kind. This includes for example:


▶️ Whitepaper

▶️ Reference Reports

▶️ Blog articles

▶️ Press releases

▶️ Social Media Postings

▶️ and many more


Industry-independent content

Whether in the B2B or B2C environment, the newly expanded PR & Publishing Unit has the necessary expertise to create and place contents in need of explanation in line with customer requirements.


Linked to the internal Content Factory consisting of Stefanie Langhans (Head of PR & Publishing), Jonas Bereit (Content & PR Manager), Marie-Claire Görner (Content & PR Manager), Klaus Hauptfleisch (Senior Editor) and other PR experts, is a network of about 30 specialist editors. This ensures that the right content can always be produced for a wide range of industries. The reinforced unit has many years of experience in advising customers on the conceptual design of the content of all articles and finding the right author for the project.


Evernine’s broad-based content department is capable of creating high-quality content for digital and conventional distribution, regardless of industry. This includes:


▶ IT & Tech

▶ Pharma industry

▶ Retail

▶ Automotive

▶ All kind of topics linked to digital transformation

▶ sport and lifestyle

Our References

Evernine can show interested parties references in all of the above areas. The projects range from classic PR to the operation and placement of unique corporate magazines to creative content in the area of post PR.


# For valantic, Evernine has been in charge of the creation of all press releases as well as high-quality professional articles since 2019.


# For Axians, Evernine created the expert-based online magazine Digital Chiefs, a platform that provides an ideal venue for content marketing efforts.


# For Expleo, Evernine takes over the creation and localization of press releases as well as the development of professional articles in addition to the usual PR activities.

Evernine's PR & Publishing Unit provides the right content for your content project (image source: Evernine).
Stefanie Langhans

Stefanie Langhans, Head of PR & Publishing: “More and more companies are realizing that they also need to break new ground when it comes to PR and follow an agile step-by-step plan.”


She continues, “I’m delighted that we’ve now been able to strengthen our PR & Publishing Unit, including our specialist editorial team, to such an extent that we can serve truly diverse and creative projects from a wide range of industries. And I look forward to many more content requests.”


No matter what type of content you need – Evernine’s PR & Publishing Unit will create exactly the texts you need that are relevant to your business. We look forward to receiving your request.