B2B marketing: How to market products that need explanation

Anyone who wants to sell B2B products that require explanation to discerning customers usually needs a lot of patience. B2C managers, on the other hand, are said to reach their goal faster. Evernine’s guide will tell you why you should not differentiate between B2B and B2C when building your digital sales and marketing strategy.


Many marketing and sales managers still differentiate between B2B and B2C in their digital sales and marketing strategies strictly according to the old pattern. Instead of thinking about whether you are addressing a company or a private individual, you should ask yourself two questions:


  1. How well known is your brand or your product or service?
  2. How can your target group be convinced to make a purchase decision?


Because in B2B, too, you should always bear in mind that you do not just have to address and convince a company, but also individual people with their own needs, concerns and expectations.


Depending on how you answer these two questions – either your products require explanation or they don’t, and your company either has a strong presence on the market or it doesn’t (yet). Important: Be honest with your classification!


In this article we will examine the two “extremes”: One decision maker with a known product & topic and several decision makers with an unknown product & topic. We have summarized which sales and marketing activities are most effective in which starting situation in this article on our partner magazine “MyBusinessFuture“.



Image source: iStock / filadendron