Systemhauskongress 2017

Systemhauskongress 2017: Individual services are the latest trend

At the Systemhauskongress 2017, decision-makers from German system houses met once again to discuss the latest IT trends. At the moment, one thing is particularly interesting: an individual offer of services for medium-sized companies. In this article, you can find the most important information about the congress.


by Carla Bösl
Communication Managerin Evernine Group


Before we sum up the whole Systemhauskongress, one thing has to be said right away: The German system houses are doing quite well. But to keep it that way, it is not enough to rest on its laurels. The participants of the congress know that too.


Under the motto “OPPORTUNITIES”, one issue was debated excessively in the middle of September in Düsseldorf: How can system houses further develop their portfolio in order to attract new customers from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular?


The latest trends: Practical relevance and individual services

Above all, use cases proved to be helpful at the congress – practical examples from existing projects that can serve as a guide and inspiration for new customer-oriented solutions and services.


In numerous workshops and best practices of the congress, manufacturers were able to display their latest solutions and products in order to convince the representatives of the present system houses of a possible cooperation.


For the future, one thing in particular became quite clear: IT houses which are already working closely together with SMEs will continue to be their point of contact – given that they will adapt their approach to further developing as well as acquiring customers to their ever changing needs.

In addition, tailor-made services that system houses offer for individual customers are becoming more and more important. Even as this is still not always represented in their portfolios, it’s a very important target in order not to get stuck in a “managed services loop”.


For more details about the congress, click right here.


Source of title image: Evernine