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Owned Media vs. Paid Media

Owned Media vs. Paid Media – This is what Companies should rely on

Owned Media, Paid Media, Earned Media – all campaign channels that are usually used by companies without a strategy. At this year’s Content Marketing Conference CMCX these channels were discussed extensively. It became clear – Owned Media is all core of communication. Companies should concentrate on this channel first.


by Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


The most successful content marketing fair showed itself in Munich some weeks ago again from its best side. Marketing specialists, content experts and communication managers from international brands exchanged views on the trends in content marketing. This year it became particularly clear that it is hardly possible to communicate successfully without your own content.


The core messages of the trade fair are clearer than ever before: Owned media before paid & earned media, B2B content marketing is only successful if the content is also of high quality and fits the target group, no more content silos: companies have to deal strategically with their content.


Companies that have not yet climbed on the Owned Media bandwagon should do so as soon as possible, because content has become the core of all communication activities. Read this article to find out exactly what is behind Owned Media, how to successfully measure your content, and what you should consider when developing a successful online marketing strategy.



Image source: iStock / PeopleImages