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New brand success for outdoor outfitters – Evernine Group offers new ways of successful self-marketing

Regardless of the industry in which companies operate, one thing is certain – the marketing of services and benefits is becoming increasingly digital and the pressure on marketers is growing steadily. In the future, companies in the outdoor industry will also have to increasingly abandon classic marketing models in order to survive in the market against their competitors in the long term. Together with the communications consultancy Evernine Group, companies in the sports industry can set themselves apart from their competitors with new, modern marketing strategies.


The desire for new adventures is driving more and more people to spend their leisure time in unspoilt nature. With this growing trend, more and more outdoor outfitters are also faced with the great challenge of meeting the needs of buyer groups and drawing their attention to their products and services. Values such as sustainability, freedom and brand differentiation are becoming increasingly important in the outdoor industry. This challenges marketers even more to emphasize their marketing messages with high-quality content that addresses exactly these topics.


It’s a good thing that there are specialists in exactly this field who have many years of experience and know exactly which measures are particularly important in a content marketing strategy. In this context, the Munich-based consultancy Evernine Group, together with its subsidiary IBS Publishing, offers industry-specific digital magazines such as InspiredBySports. The content hub for innovative self-publishing offers the ideal opportunity to publish highly relevant content and, within an optimally coordinated communication strategy and the appropriate technology behind it, to deliver it to the right target group.


Native advertising is the key to successful content marketing

With a steadily increasing number of new communication channels and the variety of content on the web, users are now bombarded with advertising. As a result, readers pay less and less attention to the messages, which is often reflected in the low retention times and click-through rates (CTRs), if companies use a blog to market their products at all.


Good content marketing should counteract exactly this problem. Especially companies in the outdoor industry often lack appealing stories. There is a lot to tell in the outdoor sector, many exciting stories and adventures that consumers like to take up and share with friends or family. This creates an ideal basis for promising content marketing campaigns that deliver added value to readers.


And this is exactly where the Evernine Group with its digital magazines offers outdoor outfitters the opportunity to use native advertising. Many companies in the sports industry are not yet familiar with this approach – so here is a brief explanation:


In Native Advertising, articles are played out as reading recommendations via the large publisher networks such as Outbrain, plista, Taboola & Co. in online magazines such as FAZ, Süddeutsche, Focus Online, Fit for Fun or MensHealth. They are not perceived as direct advertising via displays, but rather as recommendations for the reader. So-called algorithms ensure that the reader is shown content that matches his user behaviour. If a user reads more articles on the topic of hiking, content recommendations from this industry are also displayed. This native placement and the corresponding target group setting guarantees that the readers already have an existing interest in the product and that the campaign contribution offers the reader added value.


What should be right is the appropriate advertising environment. The content should be seen, positively perceived and remembered. “The Halo Effect” study by Integral Ad Science (IAS) proves that the so-called halo effect, i.e. the environment of a digital ad, can influence the perception of the brand behind it.


Benefit from the advantages of the Halo Effect

Unfortunately, the right content alone is often not enough today to ensure successful content marketing in the long term. The quality and nature of the advertising environment in which the content is played out also have a significant influence on how readers perceive the advertising message.


Tobias Massow

Tobias Massow, CEO IBS Publishing. Source: Evernine.

Placing brand messages on brand-independent platforms such as InspiredBySports offers an ideal opportunity to publish content within a neutral magazine environment. This not only enables the integration of SEO-relevant backlinks to your website, but also provides the respective brand messages in an absolutely authentic landscape. Marketers should therefore concentrate on industry-specific digital magazines that reflect the content in a brand-neutral environment in order to avoid appearing right next to their competitors.


“‘New Era Publishing’ is on a triumphal procession and the success stories of the last few years have encouraged us to offer companies the opportunity to achieve their branding and sales goals on our attractive platforms with a modern and fresh approach. We combine the best of the worlds of content and influencer marketing, combining the brand message with inspiring experts and stories in professional magazines without advertising and TKP-based budget waste,” says Tobias Massow, Managing Partner and CEO of IBS Publishing.



Success in 2020: Outdoor outfitters must rely on the right partner

However, anyone who wants to achieve long-term success with content marketing must be aware that this marketing strategy, unlike classic outbound marketing, often requires much more effort, time and diligence. Especially outdoor outfitters, who have the challenge to reach their customers again and again through the values of sustainability and freedom, often lack personnel, a suitable platform or the necessary know-how to be able to conduct successful content marketing within their own company structure at all.


With the goal of creating innovative marketing opportunities in the publishing, PR & especially content marketing environment, the Evernine Group and its subsidiaries offer the ideal support for companies of all kinds, from the creation of targeted content to the correct marketing. Especially the digital magazine world of IBS Publishing opens the door for brands in the outdoor industry to carry out successful content marketing in an optimal advertising environment.


“With a strong network of influencers and experts, as well as a sports-minded readership, we offer companies in the sports industry the ideal platform to successfully place their topics within the right target group,” confirms Tobias Massow, Managing Partner and CEO of IBS Publishing.




About IBS Publishing


IBS Publishing was founded as a subsidiary of the Evernine Group 2015 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. All magazines from the portal world of IBS Publishing offer innovative marketing opportunities for B2C campaigns throughout the DACH region and even worldwide. We work with the goal of creating new marketing opportunities in the publishing, PR, influencer & content marketing environment and operate the magazines InspiredBySports, youDRESSED and InspiredByBeatz.


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InspiredBySports is a digital magazine, expert community and marketing platform in one. We deliver exciting stories from the world of sports and combine all the inspirations that water sports, fitness & yoga, individual sports and action sports have to offer for our growing readership. In addition, a network of prominent influencers & ambassadors from the associated sports environment is available for booking.


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