High-quality video content: The key component for successful recruiting and employer branding

The Munich-based communications consultancy and full-service agency Evernine, together with its creative unit CAPTAMO, presents the enormous opportunities that high-quality video formats offer companies. They can gain a decisive advantage, particularly in the areas of recruiting and employer branding. The decisive factor here is that successful recruiting videos only really make sense in conjunction with a systemic values workshop that emphasizes employer branding for employees.

A video says more than 1,000 words – after all, no other format can convey information and emotions in such a credible and personal way. Accordingly, videos are popular on social networks today, regardless of the platform, and search engines reward websites with corresponding content with better rankings. Companies therefore benefit from the advantages of high-quality videos, especially in recruiting and employer branding.


A consistent communication strategy and the right approach are essential here. As a communications consultancy and full-service agency, Evernine recommends a systemic values workshop with the company at this point, in which the values that need to be emphasized are determined together. The younger generations of GenZ and millennials in particular demand creativity and authenticity from their potential employers today – and the right video formats are the perfect way to present these skills and your own company values in a profitable way.


“In the era of visual storytelling, videos are convincing because they authentically convey information and emotions. They are the key to success in recruiting and employer branding, but they not only convey information, but also the soul of the company, especially among the demanding GenZ and millennials. Videos are therefore the bridge between companies and their future employees,” says Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO of Evernine.

Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO of the Evernine Group (Image source: Evernine Group)

5 criteria for successful recruiting videos

However, without a comprehensive strategy that combines recruiting efforts with other external and internal employer branding activities, even the best video productions will come to nothing. For example, companies need the right key figures to measure the success of their measures and optimize them in a targeted manner if necessary.


Good recruiting videos must also meet certain criteria in order to achieve the desired results:


  • Truth: Companies should tell the truth about themselves in their video formats and also rely on true stories and anecdotes in their storytelling.
  • Authenticity: No job always offers only nice and positive experiences. Companies should present themselves and the advertised position authentically.
  • Relevance: Videos offer the perfect opportunity to share relevant information and clarify questions about everyday working life and the application process in advance.
  • Innovation: There are many videos out there, so companies should stand out with creative content and have the courage to implement innovative ideas.
  • Inspiration: Recruiting videos should not only provide information, but also credibly convey company values, inspire employees and motivate them by addressing them personally.
    It’s all about the right values


Values are of central importance to many employees. More than three quarters (77%) of respondents to a Glassdoor survey take a close look at the values of their potential employer before applying for a job. For more than half (56 percent), these are even more important than their own salary. But how do companies determine the values they want to stand for and how can they present them credibly?


Possible values include flat hierarchies, work-life balance, training and development measures or commitment in the area of corporate social responsibility. However, many companies find it difficult to identify their own values. A full-service agency like Evernine supports them here. In workshops, customers work with Evernine’s experienced HR experts to analyze their corporate values and develop an appropriate communication strategy.


It is important that companies involve their own employees in this discovery process and also rely on them in the subsequent implementation.
After all, no one can represent their own values more credibly to the outside world than those who live and work by them every day.Companies must not leave this potential of their own workforce as corporate influencers untapped.Evernine therefore recommends the use of values workshops even before the conception of an image video, because the employer’s values, as they see themselves on the market, can often differ significantly from the desired values of young professionals on the market.

Companies must rely on their own employees and also use them to communicate the company's values to the outside world. Image source: Adobe Stock / Viks_jin.

Success with Evernine and CAPTAMO

The presentation of corporate values in the form of a professionally produced recruiting video ultimately requires a partner who has an eye on all current trends and can successfully implement even challenging video projects with the necessary expertise and innovative strength.


CAPTAMO, the award-winning creative unit of Evernine, offers companies:

  • Many years of experience in the production of high-quality moving image formats
  • Taking over the planning, brainstorming and development of the storyboard
  • State-of-the-art technology for filming and post-production

This expertise in the implementation of video projects unfolds its full potential when the right strategy is also used. This is where Evernine supports companies with competent strategic advice, a comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of companies in the war for talent and the joint identification of specific corporate values.


“Evernine offers experienced HR experts and workshops to help you define and successfully communicate your own corporate values. The most valuable ambassadors for these values are your own employees – corporate influencers are the key to authentic content! Together with our creative unit CAPTAMO, we then enable the professional representation and presentation of these values through high-quality recruiting videos that offer a decisive advantage in the ‘war for talent’,” says Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO of Evernine.


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Image source: Evernine
Image source: Evernine

Source titleimage: Evernine Group