Digital Sales im Jahre 2024

Evernine shows: How to make your digital sales fit for 2024

In the age of digital communication, companies can no longer view marketing and sales separately. They must link both areas and associated measures and integrate them into a comprehensive overall strategy. In this article, Evernine shows you how to make your digital sales fit for 2024 and what you need to bear in mind.


2023 has shown one thing: no company can be successful today without a comprehensive digital strategy! Driven by technological progress and the changing needs of customers in the digital age, the dynamics between departments in companies are changing. This affects marketing and sales in particular.


A new approach to cooperation between these two key areas is needed for 2024. In reality, the boundaries between departments are becoming increasingly blurred and it is a strategic necessity for companies to take advantage of this transformation in order to be successful in the networked digital business world.


B2C experience drives companies

This is particularly evident on the customer side. Today, they expect fast, simple and user-friendly purchasing experiences, as they know them from the B2C sector. Companies are faced with the challenge of meeting these expectations in the B2B sector as well. To do so, they need to create consistent and appealing experiences across various digital channels by using digital, customer-centric measures.


This can only be achieved through the close integration of marketing and sales in conjunction with a comprehensive digital strategy! Evernine calls this approach “one voice” – our quick guide shows you how to exploit your full potential by networking marketing, sales, PR & HR and make your company fit for the digital transformation.


Customers want more

But what exactly does the interaction between marketing and sales look like in digital times? First of all, companies need to recognize the changes on the customer side and incorporate them into their sales measures. Because customers today are…


  • Due to the flood of information in the digital age, customers choose the content that is important to them carefully and want flexibility. Companies must therefore address their target groups more precisely and purposefully than before and use the right mix of channels to reach them.


…better informed,

  • In the past, companies had to provide decision-makers with information about their products and services – today, customers do this on their own. Today, it’s more about using content to specifically address customers’ needs and thus build trust and lasting relationships.


…accustomed to convenience.

  • More and more decision-makers today are digital natives and are therefore used to convenient digital shopping experiences. They expect similar experiences in the B2B sector in terms of speed, response and transparency.
Customers want a digital B2C shopping experience in the B2B sector too. Image source: Adobe Stock / Kannapat

Three measures for success

Based on the analysis of customers, there are three important measures for companies to implement in their strategy for the optimal combination of marketing and sales. These include:


  • Focus on the customer experience


To be successful in today’s customer-oriented business world, companies need to develop customized customer journeys. The focus is not just on meeting customer expectations, but on exceeding them. At the heart of this strategy is the carefully developed buyer persona, which represents more than just a target group. It accurately depicts the ideal customer with all their preferences, dislikes and professional needs.


This vivid characterization makes it easier for companies to precisely align their digital marketing and sales strategies and design a successful customer journey that is precisely tailored to the needs and expectations of customers.


Here, too, Evernine supports you in meeting the requirements for a successful digital customer journey. Get in touch with us!


  • Leads through content


Today, the vast majority of shoppers inform themselves online before making purchasing decisions. It is therefore crucial for companies to strategically place targeted content and stand out from the crowd. Instead of traditional marketing materials, which often focus on advertising messages, companies should offer content that provides real added value.


This includes white papers, interviews, product comparisons or checklists – materials that actually help customers. Presenting this content where potential customers are actively searching and effectively linking it to the customer journey promises the greatest possible success.


Evernine supports you in selecting and designing this content and integrating it into a targeted lead marketing campaign and shows you how to sustainably increase your sales.


  • Use of digital tools

Digital tools such as modern CRM systems are crucial for companies to make the most of the leads generated by their content. These tools capture every customer interaction, from newsletter openings to support contacts, to build a detailed customer profile.


This knowledge enables sales teams to identify the perfect time for a personal conversation, whether by phone, email or social media contact. By using CRM and a presence on various digital channels, you can become active at the exact moment when the chance of closing a sale is greatest. This allows you to effectively convert leads into successful business deals.


Evernine supports you in optimizing your existing systems or integrating completely new CRM tools and shows you how to be successful with an integrative, data-based approach that combines your activities technologically. Find out more in our Quickguide!

The use of digital tools increases the chance of a successful purchase. Image source: Adobe Stock / Deemerwha studio

Marketing and sales hand in hand

In the digital era, marketing and sales are more closely linked than ever. Driven by technological progress and changing customer needs, an integrated approach from both areas is essential for the success of the company. Central to this strategy is the creation of customized customer journeys paired with the targeted use of the right content.


This is because content plays a key role: content must offer real added value and be placed in a targeted manner in order to effectively generate leads. Digital tools such as CRM systems are then indispensable for developing these leads into qualified sales opportunities.


However, the successful fusion of marketing and sales in the digital age requires a coherent overall strategy. Companies benefit from the advice and expertise of an experienced full-service agency such as Evernine. Find out more about the new era of communication and how we can support you!

Source titleimage: Adobe Stock / Kaleb