Evernine Group reveals how to integrate purpose into your corporate communications

At the Communications Congress 2022 in Berlin, there was one major theme in all sessions: companies need to offer orientation to the market, customers and their own employees in this changing world. The Munich-based full-service agency Evernine Group, which was also a presenting partner in Berlin, also sees the need for this topic. On this occasion, Alexander Roth, CEO of the Evernine Group, gives three tips on how companies can proceed in order to provide their own brand story with more purpose.

The term “purpose” refers to the sense of meaning that makes it clear to the immediate environment of a company, consisting of customers, employees, and applicants, why it has a meaningful raison d’être. The inconspicuous-looking term nevertheless makes many corporate communicators prick up their ears. Because in the emphasis under it understands itself to bring more meaningfulness into the PR, in addition, into marketing campaigns or the own Newsroom. The communications consultancy Evernine Group has carried out numerous successful customer projects and knows the most effective method for developing purpose.

Employees as drivers (bottom up)

As a first step, the communications house advises putting together an internal working group. In the best case, this circle consists of employees from a wide variety of job areas within the company, who then work out what makes sense and drives the company. Here the full service agency recommends to select coworkers, who are most reliable, independently of age or standing in the enterprise. This is followed by the development of a theme house, which follows the “stand for something not for everything” method and provides the strategy for future content, campaigns and channel formats. When it comes to the question of gender, the majority of the working group should set the tone, according to the Evernine Group.

The mouthpiece on the pulse of time

Millennials are those with the highest internet usage, even though they are still considered underrepresented in companies. The communications consultancy therefore recommends aligning linguistic formulations and the topic plan with the interests of this generation and taking aspects such as imperfection, transparency and honesty into account. Companies should be more willing to want to achieve something than to say that they already are. Thus, inconsistency can also be part of the communication strategy. Since the generational circle around Millennials is the loudest, companies should pay urgent attention to the right language. According to marketing experts at Evernine Group, traditional Boomer language is no longer appropriate when it comes to Purpose topics. Well-intentioned is the opposite of well-done. Especially in the media and channels that are relevant in the business environment.

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Skillful integration into brand marketing (top down)

Sustainability, diversity and CSR are some of the most popular topics for companies. Whether these or other values, corporate communicators should incorporate them into the theme plan so that integration occurs in external communications. In this situation, the Evernine Group advises changing the strategies developed “bottom up” into a “top down” strategy that includes everything from corporate pitches, topic integration in the newsroom to important core projects. Additional support for this is provided by the management and HR marketing, which always provides new impetus.

“I have the feeling that more and more company managers have the topic of purpose on their agenda; not only because we increasingly have a job market determined by applicants, but also because customers place more value on meaningfulness. And that also in the B2B environment,” says Alexander Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of the Evernine Group.

Alexander Roth, CEO & Co-Founder der Evernine Group (Bildquelle: Evernine Group)

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