Evernine expands PR unit with innovative “post-PR world” services

The award-winning communications agency Evernine has long been known for combining classic and digital PR services for successful brand marketing. The company has now once again significantly upgraded its PR unit, with so-called post-PR approaches as well as personnel reinforcements.


Classic PR typically consists of strong personal relationships with publishers and journalists as well as the ability to present brand and product images in a creative and appealing way. At the same time, companies must create an appealing digital image for their brand. As a full-service agency, the Evernine Group has successfully tackled exactly these activities for years, supporting leading IT service providers such as valantic and Expleo. The cooperation with the aforementioned and other “experimental” clients, who are willing to venture new frontiers, has now prompted the marketing agency Evernine Group to expand its own PR & Publishing Unit and to provide clients with agile strategies – offering companies completely new ways for the digital age in terms of PR. In doing so, traditional techniques are combined with modern, digital & innovative PR measures, from social business to hybrid PR events – everything that the American market so nicely describes as “post-PR measures”.


Thus, Evernine also offers its clients the option to combine these activities with modern services for self-marketing. For example, these can be combined with a digital go-to-market strategy or also connected with data-based campaigns. All measures whether on social media or via content marketing are attributed with measurable KPIs to evaluate the efficiency of each PR or marketing effort in real time. In addition, the Evernine offers further optional services that can be added like modules to tailor to specific needs and create retainers.


Modul 1 – Brand consulting for efficient targeting of publishers and media

In order to secure an efficient digital positioning Evernine recommends their clients take their first steps with a digital strategy package, following the ongoing goal of identifying new digital potential for PR marketing. The PESO model, which divides all measures into necessary tasks in the fields of paid, earned, shared and owned media, has proven itself and become a standard in this area.


These include employee ambassador programs, which enable selected employees and provide them with incentives to carry suitable PR messages from the employer into their own social business/social media (shared interests). Charity, third-party & partner publishing also fall into this domain of shared interests. Companies can quickly achieve measurable success in their digital brand awareness when using the right measures.


In addition to ongoing services in these fields, the Evernine’s strategy module also provides the prior development of realistic KPIs in combination with the PESO model and the respective PR package booked


Modul 2 – One-voice approach as a guarantee of success

In this operational module, the communications agency combines classic PR services with digital PR homework – all in conjunction with the previously developed KPI strategy from Module 1. By building a strong network of digital press and media partners, companies can gain an enormous competitive advantage. The package combines classic PR elements such as the development of PR plans, media targets and PR newsletters with so-called digital PR target measures. This not only benefits corporate branding, but many other critical fields of communication such as (digital) sales, HR marketing, blogging & corporate press events. The goal is always to make PR activities measurable and to combine effects with the various tasks of corporate communications. With its trained one-voice managers, Evernine has a team of PR experts that deliver interdisciplinary measures from a single source, even in an outsourcing model.


Post-PR will sooner or later become mandatory for companies

What initially sounds like an American phenomenon is also becoming increasingly important for the German and European market. Classic PR services are no longer sufficient to position a brand in the market. Today’s PR work must undergo a digitization process and place an increasing focus on content creation. Finally, in order to integrate corporate messages into the post-PR world, Evernine offers complete roadmaps with Module 3. The communications agency thinks out of the box and provides innovative services allowing clients to bring across their core messages to their target group – also in a less-traditional fashion i.e., without the detour via the publishers.


One of many effective examples is publishing content and messages online via third-party publishers, in conjunction with native advertising. With EVG Media, Evernine even has several own digital magazines in the B2B and B2C sectors which are frequently used for this purpose. This for example serves as a digital extension of their customers’ PR campaigns, allowing them to achieve guaranteed traffic ranges from the desired target groups for PR advertorials.


Complementary the Evernine also takes on the topic HR marketing in the post PR world. Through targeted measures such as video storytelling, HR events or digital roadshows, companies can position themselves and make themselves attractive for new recruits. In addition, the agency conducts media coachings for their clients to turn employees or even whole departments into professional communicators of their employer.

Personnel reinforcement for 2022

With their expansion in this area the agency has also gathered new personnel to push the unit forward. The Team will in future be supported by new colleague Stefanie Langhans, who can look back on a successful career amongst other as a publishing specialist at CANCOM will fill the new role of Head of PR & Publishing. Joined by Marie-Claire Görner, who recently completed her PR traineeship, Jonas Breit and Klaus Hauptfleisch as editors, Charlotte von Braunbehrens (ex Carl Hanser Verlag, starting January 2022) as well as Sibylle Mittrach, who previously worked in a similar position after her time at Condé Nast and haebmau.


Stefanie Langhans: “I am very pleased to support Evernine as a consultancy that is innovative and digitally positioned in PR.” “More and more companies are realizing that they need to take a new approach to PR and follow an agile step-by-step plan. We are now pleased to have established ourselves as an agency with a strong unit for the growing modern PR needs in the market,” said Alexander Roth, Founder and CEO of Evernine Group.

Stefanie Langhans, Head of PR & Publishing
Stefanie Langhans, Head of PR & Publishing
Alexander Roth, CEO Evernine Group.
Alexander Roth, CEO Evernine Group.

Source title image: Evernine.