Digital Change by Evernine - Ihr nachhaltiger Weg zu mehr Kosteneffizienz in Marketing, Vertrieb, PR & HR.

Digital Change – Evernine Group shows how to make your corporate communications more efficient

Many companies have to deal with recurring problems. In addition to a lack of digitalization in sales, faltering new customer acquisition and a lack of PR operations, HR also suffers. The need for innovative solutions has been recognized by the Evernine Group, a leading communications consultancy with an affiliated full-service agency, which provides concrete impetus for agile and cost-efficient corporate communications with the help of a digital change strategy.

Change is an existing constant: whether new technologies, cultural events or legal regulations. Companies that fail to adapt to this highly dynamic market environment will quickly lose touch. This is especially true for corporate communications, because change is also changing the logic of how companies must present themselves to their target groups and stakeholders today. In its own CXO Masterclass, the Evernine Group illustrates which measures companies need to take in order to set up agile and efficient processes.

Challenges in corporate communications

Companies are often burdened by the pressure and striving to be “even more digital”. Despite the existing will, there is a lack of the right strategy to implement the plans. This is because a reorganization usually affects more than just one portfolio area. But the big problem lies in the resulting costs, which can easily exceed the scope without a well thought-out strategy.

Communication in the digital age

Evernine Group liefert mithilfe einer Digital-Change-Strategie konkrete Impulse für eine agile und kosteneffiziente Unternehmenskommunikation.

To achieve the best possible results in corporate communications, Evernine Group recommends grouping a communications board as a first step, consisting of key positions such as CMO, CSO or CCO. The size of the group can vary according to preference. Nevertheless, the communications house advises bringing on board portfolio leaders from various disciplines such as PR, events, campaigns, sales, and so on. This group plays a key role in setting the direction for corporate communications in the current fiscal year. In addition to a topic plan, the representatives largely define the associated assets and pass these on to the respective teams of the company so that all communicative measures are also supported by means of PR, content, sales and campaign formats.

“Think of your organization as a galaxy where your communication goals are solar systems. It’s about clear KPIs, not hierarchy levels – communicate across all channels with the “same” message using the trial and error principle,” says Sven Blaukat, Director Strategy Consulting at Evernine Group.

“Transform your company into an efficient and agile communicator, where the focus is on goals, not on holding competencies,” adds Hannes Beierlein, CSO & Co-Founder of Evernine Group.

Hannes Beierlein, CSO & Co-Founder der Evernine Group (Bildquelle: Evernine Group)

For more information and to download the CXO Masterclass, please visit here.

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