Setting the strategic path for the future: Evernine Group establishes advisory board

The award-winning communication consultancy and full-service agency, Evernine Group, is fortifying its strategic direction with an advisory board. Renowned personalities from the industry, including Dr. Sophie Chung, CEO and founder of Qunomedical, Bernhard Fragner, CEO and founder of GlobeAir AG, and an experienced expert from the equity environment, will strategically support Evernine with their experience and comprehensive market know-how.


Since 2011, Evernine Group has been offering its clients modern, industry-specific, and integrative communication strategies, as well as innovative marketing services with a focus on seamless digital transformation in the areas of marketing, sales, PR & HR. To position itself successfully for the future and discuss trend-setting strategic issues with the involvement of a broad range of expertise, Evernine has now established an advisory board.


The aim of the three-member committee is to analyze promising market developments and open up broader perspectives to contribute to the development of future-oriented strategies. Regular meetings will be held for this purpose. Evernine has recruited renowned personalities as members of the advisory board, whose individual biographies complement each other perfectly.


As the CEO and founder of Qunomedical, Dr. Sophie Chung, a licensed physician, is committed to greater transparency in the healthcare sector. With her platform, she enables patients to access optimal healthcare and helps hospitals digitalize their patient journey. Her focus is on humanity and ethical aspects. Dr. Chung is also actively involved in entrepreneurship and female empowerment in her work.

As an aviation manager with over 20 years of industry experience, Bernhard Fragner, CEO and founder of GlobeAir AG, has revolutionized the charter flight market with his entrepreneurial vision, focus on customer satisfaction, and strong IT support. Today, GlobeAir is the european market leader. Bernhard Fragner stands for innovative strength, courage, and entrepreneurial commitment.


Evernine’s advisory board also includes an expert from the equity environment who combines both practical knowledge and economic expertise and can look back on many years of experience in the investment business.


“We are proud to bring such outstanding individuals to our advisory board to provide an additional layer of strategic direction and expertise for Evernine,” said Hannes Beierlein, CSO and co-founder of the Evernine Group. “The expertise and perspectives of our board members will help us explore new horizons and position ourselves for success in a rapidly changing business world.”

Hannes Beierlein, CSO and co-founder of the Evernine Group. Image source: Evernine Group.

“The establishment of the advisory board is a clear step towards long-term excellence and continuous innovation. It brings together broad market know-how and collective industry expertise to position us perfectly for the future. We are delighted about this strong support for Evernine and look forward to the exchange and inspiration from the members of the board,” says Alexander Roth, CEO and co-founder of the Evernine Group.


Evernine is currently in talks to strengthen the advisory board with a person from the IT environment to profitably supplement the portfolio with specific insights and detailed know-how from the industry.

Alexander Roth, CEO and co-founder of the Evernine Group. Image source: Evernine Group.

Source title image: Evernine Group