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Evernine is pleased to present T-Systems as a customer with an extremely exciting project: In a large outsourced account based marketing project (ABM), we are marketing the Group’s B2B cloud services, which have not yet been specified in detail. Our content marketing platforms (e.g. cloudmagazin.com, mybusinessfuture.de), landing pages with LeadGen for MQL & SQL, scoring systems and Omnichannel marketing via our hub spot system are in use. The marketing is purely aimed at given companies within the framework of the ABM project.


The chart illustrates the project’s systemic approach – a campaign that is certainly exciting & groundbreaking for many more customers who want to market complex services within the framework of account-based marketing in conjunction with marketing automation efficiently & KPI-driven. Social Selling Workshops & trainings on our part for the customer are included in the framework agreement with T-Systems.




Account based marketing, HubSpot, marketing automation, IP-scoring, content creation, omni-channel-campaigns