Since June 2022, Evernine has been supporting the PR work of Offerista Group GmbH, a shopper marketing network that offers simple and ideal solutions in digital retail marketing.


The fields of activity are very diverse and range from classic press relations to modern „post-PR“ activities, which particularly cover the areas of ambassadorship and (hybrid) events in order to establish Offerista Group GmbH in the German market.


Storytelling is an exciting aspect of the collaboration. Offerista’s modern and innovative services offer digital excellence for brick-and-mortar retail and thus enable profitable transformation in retail: developing exciting storytelling here and presenting these new opportunities to all market participants in relevant content formats is a challenge that the Evernine Group’s PR & Publishing team is taking on.


PR, Brand Strategy, Post-PR, Content, PR-Events, Content-Hub


Offerista Group GmbH