You should definitely be informed about these trends in sports marketing by 2018

Sport – especially popular sports such as football or football – is always able to bring together millions of people who share a passion. That’s why sports marketing is so interesting for digital marketing and business. Hardly any other industry guarantees such reach and commitment. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore this year’s trends.


By Nicole Pasternak
Junior Communication Manager at Evernine Group


1. Social Selling

Social selling refers to the art of using social media to find, contact, understand and maintain contacts with interested parties. The potential of social networks can be used to network with potential customers, build personal relationships, answer questions, share and exchange helpful content and news from the industry. All this happens until the prospective customer is ready to buy. With this method, significant relationships can be established with potential customers and the brand can be kept in the consciousness of the target group.

LinkedIn shows in a recent study that the inclusion of social media in a sales strategy has a positive influence on sales success. For example, 53% of top sellers attribute significantly more business transactions to social selling on the social network. 90% of sales professionals stated that social networks are “very important” or “important” for business transactions. Also, 53% of respondents said they were looking for informative social media profiles when deciding whether or not to work with salespeople. Respondents fully agree with the following advantages of social selling:


A analysis by SAZsport expertsshows the possibilities for sports retailers to use social selling. For example, it can be used to match interested parties who google according to certain terms (e.g. hiking/outdoor) with the map of their own branches and determine which new locations could be considered. In addition, influencers from a specific region can be filtered out and can distribute the sports retailer’s content among their followers. Finally, it is also possible to generate ideas for specific community actions at the branch locations, which are precisely tailored to the needs of the respective target group.


2. Unconventional sales channels

Why not sell sports products off the beaten track, such as branches and online shops, and use the latest apps instead?

Nike is the pioneer in this case and recently tried out an innovative sales channel – with success. The sporting goods supplier offered the Air Jordan III Tinker shoe at an NBA party in Los Angeles before the official start of sales for the guests there via Snapchat. Within 23 minutes it was sold out. Nike is the first company to sell through Snapchat. The technology works uncomplicated: The Snapcode had to be scanned on site, which brought the user to the Snapchat app where the shoe could be ordered. This was then even delivered on the same evening. An interesting concept that could definitely be used more often in the future and that works particularly well for coveted sporting goods such as sneakers.


3. Virtual Reality

Adidas is a sports brand that already uses Virtual Reality specifically for sales. With the 360° Shopping the customer can be virtually transferred to the Adidas store in Stockholm and receives a tour and introduction to the products from the employees there. All products, which are to be seen, can be bought directly with one click. This technology is also ideal for sports events. For example, Sportschau already uses 360° videos for its reporting. The viewer is thus even closer to the action. Especially for fans, this is an extremely attractive opportunity to follow matches of their favorite team and to be the focus of the action without having to be present in the stadium.



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Source cover: Unsplash / AQUACHARA