What Quality in Content Marketing really means

Every content marketing manager should know that the content should be high-quality to be successful and effective. Yet, what is quality content for one, is just a waste of time for another one. There is no generally applicable rule for good content, but there are some tips and guidelines which help you run a successful content marketing.

Everyone wants to produce useful content to reach the target group and therefore be effective. Yet, the content’s quality is dependent on the target group, which is why it is difficult to define a general rule for high-quality content. In content marketing, it is general knowledge that the content should be hyper-relevant on one hand, but not too promotional on the other.


Those who can answer their target group’s most urgent questions in a concise and understandable way with their content, have already won. However, this ability demands a fundamental knowledge of the target group, which again is based on a thorough research. Yet, if the result of all the efforts is highly relevant for the target group, they will accept the content.

Only with the suitable approach you will reach your target group successfully. Source: iStock / PeopleImages.
Only with the suitable approach you will reach your target group successfully. Source: iStock / PeopleImages.

It is difficult to convince people of something, if you only talk about yourself. Companies speak for example about their problems, but how can you convince other companies of your solution? The editor moves on a fine line, because, if the content should be of high quality, it should not be too commercial. Customer-centered content offers valuable information, even if the reader does not want to buy anything from the company. Nevertheless, the content should contain enough information about how the company deals with certain problems, without losing focus on the objective side of the information.

5 tips for create high quality content

Qualitatively valuable content demonstrates the reader that the company listens to their target group and is interested in them. Content Marketing should bring this across by being highly relevant for the customer, but not too commercial at the same time. This is a solid first definition, yet it is still too vague in its realization. The following five tips show how you can produce high quality content for your target group.

☛ Tell your story

People love to tell and listen to stories. We are destined to find joy in stories and to absorb the presented information. This is why people have favorite novels or movies, but the least have a favorite whitepaper or case study. Tell a story which shows the target group how your world really is, what moves you and with which challenges you have to struggle. Address your target group directly, integrate issues which affect them and show that you know and understand them.

☛ Show vulnerability

One of the fastest ways to form an emotional connection is to admit one’s own faults. Everyone has moments of failure, everyone struggles with challenges: This makes us human. Use your failures and the lesson you’ve learned to reach your target group. By that you can show how your company could improve and what you have already learned.

Tell your story – your pain points and what moves you. 
Source: iStock / Michail Petrov.
Tell your story – your pain points and what moves you. Source: iStock / Michail Petrov.

☛ Help your reader to improve themselves

What have most working people in common, despite the branch, function, or position? Everybody want to make a good figure in front of their boss and colleagues. And if you are the boss yourself, you want to make yourself a name with the shareholders. Everybody can profit from the competition, whether it is a helpful tip or just a small piece of wisdom, with which you can score in the next meeting.

☛ Help the readers make their job easier

The other thing that all working people have in common, is that they want to work less hard for their success. Everything, that supports them in working faster with less effort – without lacking quality – is very valuable. Keep that in mind, when you write check lists and how-to’s again or contrive other aids again. The instructions should not only consider how to do something, but also how to work faster and more efficiently. Share your tips with your target group – and lighten their workload.

☛ Help the readers improve themselves

Your target group’s world is bigger than just the interactions with your company. Just like you, your target group also has pain points, which you should address. They also face challenges. Introduce them to practical tips, what they can achieve and raise their trust towards you.

Quality is only one aspect

Nobody ever says, “I have seen some high-quality content today.” We talk about “amazing articles” and “cool videos”. When content is substantially valuable and useful, then it does not only belong to the mass of content which we face 24/7 as social posts, advertising, radio commercial and so on. Qualitatively valuable content shines, whether this is due to its address or valuable tips. This kind of article should be used more frequently. Not only because they score better results, but also help readers to solve problems.