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Unified Marketing, Sales & PR: Evernine etablishes market-leading “One Voice” Approach

Digitization makes it urgently necessary: Marketing, PR and sales must go hand in hand in order not to lose the connection or waste budgets. For many companies, especially in B2B, this is still uncharted territory. Each division has its own topics, silos and contact persons. There is only limited direct coordination among colleagues. The Evernine Group has combined all these areas with its strategic “one-voice” approach and completed many successful, networked projects in 2018.


by Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


Leaning back as a customer and coordinating and implementing all important corporate communication tasks with a single employee or colleague without friction losses – that sounds like a wishful thinking? Not with Evernine. For almost 3 years, the Evernine Group has been combining digital marketing, sales and PR for its customers in a strategic “one-voice” approach. Over a so-called One Voice key account manager all these topics are collected, cared for and converted over its team finally also. The focus here is to set up internal and external corporate communications together with the customer as agile, effective, centralized, cost-efficient and outsourced as possible. Evernine can now report on numerous strong reference customers with the “One Voice” approach.


The expansion of this unique approach is planned for 2019. In addition to the special feature that a project manager at Evernine can independently bundle and support the topics and increasingly complex challenges in marketing, sales & PR (KI, automation, content syndication, omnichannel marketing, …) for the customer, subsidiaries within the Evernine Group are now also available to him, from which he can obtain additional resources – such as web development and database knowledge about the new company NineBrackets or app & technology know-how about ChallTell Solutions.


Further information on the growth targets and the expansion of the Evernine Group can also be found in this article.



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