Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing – These are the advantages for a digital focus in 2023

Video content, data analysis and chatbots with AI, social shopping as well as authenticity and emotions. The trend in addressing customers has been moving more and more in the direction of digital for many years now. In this article, you will learn why digital marketing is increasingly differentiating itself from traditional, analog approaches and why digital marketing should be integrated into a company’s effective overall strategy.


Today, digital marketing is here to stay. It offers a wide variety of different forms and channels, from social media marketing to content marketing to email marketing and much more. The advantage over traditional marketing is obvious: digital marketing uses electronic devices that are available at all times. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, relies on billboards, radio or television ads, and print media. The probability that advertisements will reach their desired target group is thus significantly lower in the analog world. After all, no one has their TV with them on the subway.


By contrast, Germans use their smartphones virtually all the time and everywhere; on average, every:r German spends up to 177 minutes a day in front of the small screen. Digital campaigns can therefore reach significantly more people. In addition, digital media offer many other advantages compared to traditional analog advertising measures. These include:


1. Measurability


Digital ads allow detailed tracking of users. This gives marketers insights into key marketing metrics such as user impressions, dwell time, origin, conversion rates, and CTRs. This data serves as the basis for personalizing ads and optimizing entire campaigns. This allows companies to achieve significantly higher profits from their marketing efforts.


2. Lower Costs


With digital campaigns, companies can reach relevant target groups more efficiently than with traditional measures. As a result, they also incur lower costs in the process. In addition, further expenses can be saved if analog advertising media such as flyers, banners and posters are reduced or eliminated altogether. Digital campaigns can also be easily stopped, changed and adjusted to optimize costs and effectiveness.

This is what a successful digital campaign can look like in the individual channels. Image source: Evernine Group.
This is what a successful digital campaign can look like in the individual channels. Image source: Evernine Group.

3. Easier Access


Setting up digital ads through Google Ads, Facebook or other channels is relatively easy. The work is done with a few clicks on a laptop. Analog ads, on the other hand, require quite a bit of coordination and administrative effort.


4. Targeted Approach


Traditional marketing measures in the B2B environment defiantly require addressing customers in person. This effort is eliminated with digital marketing. Companies can use a variety of tactics, such as using content as a preparatory measure and then targeting customers with personalized ads.


5. Gain Time


All of these benefits also buy companies time. And time is a valuable commodity, as it allows them to target more potential customers in less time through digital marketing campaigns and thus generate more business.


Integrate digital marketing measures into overall strategy

Despite all the euphoria, the best digital marketing measures miss their mark if companies do not have an overall strategy that links marketing, sales, HR and PR. One example: Influencers are also becoming increasingly important in the B2B environment. After all, buying decisions are made by people, and people are most likely to be influenced by people.

The most capable representatives for products and services are the people who produce and offer them themselves. Using their own employees as influencers is therefore an effective way for companies to address new customers and applicants. At the same time, their own employees credibly stand up for the values of their company and embody their brand to the outside world.


Therefore, close cooperation between marketing and HR is necessary in order to be able to use their own employees as ambassadors. The focus on one’s own brand is also crucial today in order to survive in competitive markets.


In all these areas, the development of an overall strategy, the cooperation of all departments across silo boundaries, the empowerment of employees as influencers (“Digital Me”) and the development of an own brand in the B2B environment, the Munich-based communications consultancy and full-service agency Evernine provides support. Companies benefit here from the comprehensive expertise and the unique connected marketing approach as well as the efficient communication via “One Voice”. Do you need more information about Evernine’s services? Contact us!

Use your employees as ambassadors and benefit from additional reach. Image source: Adobe Stock / PhotoPlus+.

Source title image: Evernine Group.