Content Marketing Trends

These are the content marketing trends next year

At the end of the year, many marketers are thinking about the trends they might want to consider next year. But which trends are actually up to now? We live in a very fast moving time, where a lot is changing – but are all changes automatically trends? We give a short update to the innovations in the area of content marketing.


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO / Content Marketing Manager Evernine Group


What will change in terms of marketing in the coming year? Not much at all – most of the trends such as self-publishing, the alignment of the marketing strategy to content marketing or the use of Programmatic are also in great demand in 2018. Many companies are still working on a marketing strategy for publishing their valuable content. So do the big players like Apple, Google or Amazon, too. Although they often use purchased content, they also use their own content to fill in content gaps and position themselves even better on the market. The motto here is to publish consistent, original and “addictive” content – the kind of content that appeals to us users in the long term.


How do you create the right basis?

At the end of last year, Mondelez, the US food company, and Pepsi announced significant investments in the introduction of internal content studios. Judging by the comments of the marketing leaders of both companies, some of these “marketing weapons” will generate tremendous revenues and create profit-driven ventures.


The US Content Marketing Institute (CMI) believes that the iterative process of content marketing builds multiple audiences within a company and monetises these groups in dozens of ways. After all, some innovative companies, such as Arrow and Johnson & Johnson, will generate enough revenue to outpace their spending. In this way, the marketing department becomes a self-sustaining unit.


While a “marketing profit center” of this kind seems to be impossible in your organization, the process is critical to understanding the cost and benefits of content creation. The budget is in many companies, but is it always useful for content marketing?


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