Customer Journey

The way to the optimal customer journey in times of digitalization

Closer customer retention on all channels and an optimized customer journey – digitization makes it possible. 10 steps lead to successful implementation and ensure competitiveness in times of digital transformation.


By Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


The optimization of existing business processes and the establishment of new processes go hand in hand with digitization. Technological advances and the fact that more and more networks are being established mean that digitization is becoming increasingly dynamic and relevant. Traditional business models are being replaced by the development of innovative start-ups and are changing the requirements for a successful customer journey.


Customers must be offered a special experience in all phases of customer interaction. A fast and smooth service, personalized content and a consistent experience across all channels are a must. Digitization helps to align offerings and provide customers with a consistent experience.


With the help of four phases of the Customer Journey, the changed purchasing process and the associated starting points for digitization can be presented.


Four phases of the Customer Journey

1. Awareness

Instead of advertisements in print media, TV advertising and posters, customers now become aware of offers through online advertising and recommendations from social networks.


2. Interest

Through product videos on YouTube, customer reviews on online forums or social networks, consumers are increasingly relying on recommendations and less on marketing messages.


3. Purchase

In times of online shops and e-commerce, the customer expects to be able to buy the product directly and immediately. In addition, the online world must be networked with the offline world in order to be able to respond to the needs of the customer.


4. Service

The fulfillment processes after the purchase must also be integrated into the digital process chain and be transparent. Self-service options are now also available to increase customer loyalty and reduce costs.


10 points for the optimal digital customer journey

This results in 10 points that companies should consider with regard to an optimal digital customer journey. This and the complete article can be found here.




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