Video Trends im B2B

The 4 most important video trends in B2B-Marketing

In content marketing, texts are indispensable. However, videos are sometimes even better – they can be used to visualize processes and products. Therefore, we would like to show you the four most important video trends in B2B Marketing.


By Sandra Benz
Content Marketing Managerin Evernine Group


► Live in!

Live videos are currently the biggest trend! This feature is now available on nearly all social media platforms. The live videos can be used very sensibly in marketing and are already being integrated into many content marketing strategies because they offer the possibility to go beyond existing video formats. You can communicate directly to the user and respond. This new type is particularly suitable for tutorials, product presentations and webinars. Live videos also trend in the B2B environment. With a few little tricks you can perform very well.


► In 360° around the world

Increasingly you can pan the video based on the orientation of your device, clicking or draging. These are 360 ° videos. They allow fascinating views and give the user the feeling of being in the location, because the user can decide for himself what he wants to see. As in a kind of virtual reality, the viewer can enter a “walkable” world.


Like the live video, the 360 ° video is perfect for a content marketing strategy by providing content and exclusive insights to users. Especially in B2B, the videos are just the hit! Users can be entertained for an extended period of time and, importantly, the video production is no longer so expensive. After the marketing success of the first phase of the 360 ° they slowly become a common set-up, also in the marketing marketing campaigns.


Just think of all the possibilities this kind of set-up gives you. With the aid of 360 ° videos, applicants can be given a first peek into the potential new workplace. Companies like Deutsche Bahn, Stihl, ManpowerGroup, EY, Mahle and BASF already implemented them in their communication strategy.


► Video Stories

“Snackable Content” – a new buzzword in the marketing industry. This term includes short, easy-to-use content. On social networks, for example, we find Snackable Content in the stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. This content-type also develops the video communication further and offers marketers another way to convey content creatively.


► Complex themes, easily explained

Another trend: Explanations! Whether “Legetrick”, Scribble, half animated, fully animated or real-turned – explanatory videos enterntain and vividly present complex information. These videos are particularly successful in marketing because they can emotionally appeal to the viewer. It is important though, that the videos don’t last longer than a minute. For the creation, you should engage with someone who is not a part of your own company, in order to display the product as clearly as possible for new customers.


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Picture source: iStock / AleksandarNakic.