Digital Leader

Take the German perfection and let your employees become Digital Leader

Have you ever thought that digital transformation doesn’t just affect your business processes and workflows? It also demands employees who go this way with you. Here we show you how to accompany your employees on their way to digital leadership.


by Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


In the digital world, speed and creativity are the most important factors, and marketeers are often on the spot, which means that the entire company loses speed. But it is speed and the willingness to experiment that are essential to survive in the market and to achieve your company’s goals.


Do not give away any potential

Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking about dusty processes, long distances and the associated stagnation in your own company and options for changing that? Employees who rest on their positions in the public eye and drink more coffee than work – at least that’s what it looks like.


The digital transformation has arrived. It is no longer just dreams of the future, but real everyday life. Also or above all in matters of marketing, sales and corporate communication. Only those who find their way around this world, are willing to experiment and build up know-how will be able to survive in their industry in the long term, as experts once again prove.


New customer acquisition, new ways of self-marketing in digital channels, lead generation, smart HR marketing, networking of sales and campaigns are some of the topics that drive companies and for which “testing” is in demand, especially since there is no standard recipe. Not promoting products and services via digital channels is often a waste of potential.



Agility and proactivity play a very important role here. The art in the digital world is to reach new and existing customers at a point where customers have already identified a problem but a solution is still a long way off. The sales funnel must therefore start much earlier and address the customer’s “need” at the earliest possible point.


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