#Stayhome mit Evernine

#Stayhome with Evernine – penalty shootout for a change

Working from home? In these times of home office it is important – as in everyday office life – to take a break or two to stay productive. We have come up with two features for you to bring a bit of variety & a portion of friends into your everyday life.

Due to COVID-19 most of us are working from home. Not only that, but loads of other activities we’s normally do in our free time have been cancelled. The motto is: #Stayhome.

Regardless that everything has been cancelled, there’s no need to sink into the couch and be miserable. 🙂


We have created a small #stayhome page for you to spice things up a bit. We’ve collected brand-new & exciting marketing topics for you and pulled up a “penalty shootout” browser game for you. Here’s a bit of joy to pimp your everyday life! But careful it’s addictive!

Have a look at our #Stayhome page now! We look forward to your visit!

👉 This Link will take you straight there!



Image Source: iStock / Neustockimages.