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Social Trust

Social Trust: Customers do not want digital vacuum cleaner agents

Selling is one thing – closing a deal is another. The only thing that really counts here is building a relationship: social trust. This applies above all to sales. Because you only do good business if the interpersonal relationship is right.


By Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


To pick up the headline again at this point: What do interested parties and customers actually want? Certainly not a digital vacuum cleaner sales representative who can best answer customers’ questions automatically. No. They want a human counterpart they can trust. Only if trust can be built up within the framework of a sales meeting can the chances of a conclusion be reached and the relationship be maintained in the long term increase.


But how does a sales manager ideally build up such trust in such a short time? Check what you have in common with the potential customer and open the dialogue. So far no personal meeting has taken place? No problem – of course the whole thing also works via social media – check which common contacts you have and take this as an opportunity to expand your network.


Would you like to learn more about how you can build trust with your target group without disguising yourself? In this article you will find important tips on why social networking is about actually being human.

Source cover: iStock / skynesher