planeed and Evernine – a strong team for the environment

For those who think they can’t do anything to help save the environment through small actions, planeed is a sustainment app that proves the opposite. The combination of sustainability & entertainment (sustainment) creates a completely new social media experience, which in a 100% community-based approach shows what everyone themselves, and ultimately all of us together, can achieve. The full-service agency Evernine Group, which even acts as a managed planeed partner, actively uses the app together with its own employees and thus contributes as a team to climate protection.

A study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung from 2019 shows that environmental protection is by far the most important issue for people in Europe, ahead of jobs and social security. In Germany, environmental concerns even ranked far above the EU average at 49 percent to 40 percent. According to new studies, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation have done little to change this. One reason for this is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which have been on the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 since 2015 and are intended to contribute to the sustainable development of individual countries. The investment sector in particular has a duty to prioritize sustainability more and to support measures financially. Within the EU, it is planned to redirect capital flows to sustainable investments in order to accelerate the implementation of individual climate targets. It is not only international and national governments that will be required to invest more in sustainability in the future. Companies will also have to rethink and realign their own strategies. This is precisely where the Sustainment App planeed approach can provide initial incentives.

An app to combat the advancing overshoot

What is worrying, however, is that since 1970 Earth Overshoot Day has moved ever further forward from December 29 to July 28 in 2022. This makes it all the more important to do one’s part for climate protection through active action, whether as an individual or as a company. This challenge has been recognized by planeed. planeed is a novel app and social media platform that combines private and corporate commitment to sustainability and environmental protection with fun and games and rewards them with action points and impact scores. Among other things, the goal is to enable companies to implement sustainability initiatives in an open community network and to spread them beyond their own borders in order to create a real positive impact.

One of the first corporate customers of the Sustainment App is the Munich-based full-service agency Evernine GmbH. The latter immediately agreed to support the start-up, especially since co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Bernhard Liebl is a long-time employee. The Evernine Group, which as an innovation and communications consultancy also covers topics such as Lifesciences & Engineering and Sports & Health in addition to IT & Tech, also wants to set an example and inspire the entire team to become active together for environmental protection and to ensure more sustainability in the agency’s everyday work. At the same time, Evernine wants to set a good example, so that it can also enter into discussions with its predominantly medium-sized B2B customers.

Bernhard Liebl
Bernhard Liebl in einer Doppelfunktion als Sen. Campaign Manager der Evernine Group und Co-Founder & CMO von planeed (Bildquelle: Evernine Group).

Sustainability is more than a new buzzword

Because more and more companies are beginning to realize that sustainability is not just a new buzzword and a passing trend, but one of the most important topics these days.

After all, it’s not just a matter of saving the environment and scoring well in the Environmental, Social, Governance or ESG Scoring for short. Sustainability is also becoming an ever stronger driving force in countering the shortage of skilled workers and attracting young talent from the Fridays for Future (FFF) generation, which as the Workforce of the Future is now increasingly entering the labor market to replace the 60-plus baby boomers. The potential is also recognized by the Evernine Group, an innovation consultancy that sees the concept as an enormous opportunity to make a positive contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Two sportsmen united by their will to protect the environment

Austrian Bernhard Liebl (31), who has been with Evernine since January 2019, set up planeed in early 2022 together with Munich-based sports physician and e-health specialist Dr. Sabri (59) to combine sustainability and entertainment into a sustainment app. Sabri, the CEO of planeed, had long before founded his own company specializing in hospital information systems (HIS) during his medical studies in Munich, Oxford and Harvard. After selling his shares to GE Medical and spending two years managing integration at the U.S. industry giant, the sports medicine specialist went back into business for himself in 2002 with Alysabri Innovation Consulting, where he still advises startups in the field of neurobiology, among other things.

The enthusiasm for sports united the two planeed founders Liebl and Sabri, but what also united them was the conviction that everyone can do something themselves to stop climate change and save the environment. This is also reflected in the planeed name addition “Every Action Counts”.

According to a planeed video, your own contribution to environmental protection and sustainability starts with very simple things. These include putting a lid on the pot instead of cooking in the open, using a bicycle instead of a car to get to work, and separating waste. Via the community, where you can also send social media likes, there are always new suggestions on what you can do yourself to protect the environment, people and nature. In the public chat room of the planeed app, you can find similarly simple things like washing your hands with cold water instead of hot, reusing staple strips, and using soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

Dr. Aly Sabri, CEO & Founder von planeed (Bildquelle: planeed).
Dr. Aly Sabri, CEO & Founder von planeed (Bildquelle: planeed).

Whoever wants to do good is never alone

Many internet platforms have already shown the world in recent years how important and successful collaboration in an open network is. Unlike comparable sustainability platforms & apps, planeed has therefore deliberately decided against editorial content & challenges. Ultimately, the planeed app is also intended to develop into a discussion forum to jointly illuminate climate and environmental protection measures from different perspectives. In addition, the creative ideas of the community should inspire and motivate users to become active themselves. And anyone who has further ideas can simply post them themselves as action points in the community and thus provide further inspiration.

Public and private teams like “EVG Intern

Charlotte von Braubehrens
Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO der Evernine Group (Bildquelle: Evernine Group)

In addition to the open teams that all users can join in the planeed app, there is also the option to create non-public private teams, as the Evernine Group has done with “EVG Intern”. After Liebl’s internal presentation, many on the Evernine team were so excited by his idea that they spontaneously downloaded the planeed app to join in the discussion and make their own suggestions in the public and private spaces, as well as via SharePoint. As Liebl reveals, there are already plans to set up a public team “powered by Evernine” in addition to the private space, in order to build a strong community vertically and encourage participation.

“As much as we regret that Bernhard, a very valued colleague, is working less for Evernine, we are somewhat proud to be the godfather of such an exciting new company. We are excited about the new partnership and think that it can still bear rich fruit both vertically and horizontally. We look forward to taking action with our employees and contributing to environmental protection together,” says Evernine CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) Charlotte von Braunbehrens.

You can find further information to planeed here. If you wanna know how your company can include sustainability and climate change into their corporate culture, feel free to reach out to us.

Image source: planeed