Triggerball GmbH is a young company from Bavaria that has developed a sports product with which anyone can treat their trigger points (small muscle knots) themselves. The TRIGGERBALL. Since the end of 2019, Evernine has been providing support with the go-to-marketing strategy and all marketing and communication issues.


Our services:

  • Support in the areas of digital communication strategy
  • Building a holistic brand strategy
  • Execution & support of omnichannel marketing campaigns to generate awareness & leads
  • Social media support
  • Creating exercise videos
  • Influencer marketing
  • Website optimisation & creation
  • Programming of body maps for integration on the website
  • PR support & creation of relevant content
  • Wide distribution of the content, e.g. on InspiredBySports and other platforms

Qualified lead marketing, multichannel campaigns for awareness & leads, PR support, social media support, creation of exercise videos, programming of body map, website optimisation, content creation