Content Marketing für B2B

New Ideas for Your Content Marketing

Have you ever thought about what distinguishes marketing in the B2C area from marketing in the B2B area? The advertising measures we encounter every day on the street and in the internet are often colourful, funny, appealing or even emotional! But is this also true in the business sector? We give tips on how to find the best marketing approach for B2B advertising for you and your company.


You work in a B2B company and your boss wants you to develop a digital marketing strategy and only gives him the rough guidelines he expects, e.g. more brand awareness in the desired target group, more applicants or digital leads to win.


Probably you will now get down to work and plan digital campaigns. As communication consultants, we repeatedly find that these actions take place selectively and that an important idea falls by the wayside: How many decision-makers in the targeted customer company do you actually talk to, how many people will sit down before the decision for your product or service is made? And who exactly are these people?


Decision makers – many or one?

In order to find the right approach for their activities, we give them the tip to ask the following question. Basically, there are only two types of products or services:


1. those with many decision-makers in the Company and
2. those with ultimately one or very few decision-makers.


This list sounds very simplified – it is, too – but it is a good means of clarification and classification.


Read here in detail which tools are suitable for your digital strategy.


Source cover Picture: / Andrey Danilovich