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HR-Marketing 2020

Modern HR marketing: How to use new impulses to find your recruits for 2020

One of the biggest challenges for companies and HR managers today is the “War for Talents”. If you want to recruit newcreative talents for 2020, you have to break new ground in HR marketing and also have to budget for it. The question is whether the planned strategies and measures will be implemented correctly. The communications consultancy Evernine Group shows companies how to design their HR marketing in an innovative way to reach the right people. 


The lack of skilled workers and the resulting “war for talents” is omnipresentEveryone is looking for qualified personnel. The times when companies could choose their applicants are over in almost every industry. But how do companies manage to outdo their competitors in the battle for the best applicants? The right use of HR marketing is the answerLearn more about what HR marketing ishow it workswhy it is so important in today’s world and how Evernine Group can help companies do it. 


What does HR-Marketing mean? 

Basically it is a combination of HR management and marketing – jobs are adequately occupied by marketing measuresEspecially in times of the increasing war for talentswhich forces companies to take creative measures to actively recruit potential applicants themselvesit is no longer sufficient to wait for applications. Today, applicants have almost the same status as customers. So roles have changed – the position to be occupied basically counts as a touted product that must now be “sold” to a potential applicant. 

Source: Evernine.

Because talents and skilled workers are often recruited directly after training or by competitors, companies today have to attract attention early on. Here it does not depend on the size or sector of the company, the HR marketing has to work. This means that all measures that serve to market a company in such a way that it appears attractive as an employer must be sensibly positioned. Innovations and further developments in the economy enable companies to operate in the market with a head start, which are modern, experimental and flexible.
The objective of successful HR marketing is therefore to interest highly trained and motivated employees in the company, to attract them and, in a further step, to retain them in the long term. This includes all measures that show that the company is suitable for the applicants and fulfills the needs and wishes of the applicants.
Tip: Only if companies know their strengths and present them authentically can they assert themselves on the market against their competitors. The measures that companies can use to achieve this are presented below.


The three pillars of HR marketing

Basically, HR marketing is supported by three pillars that must be differentiated from each other. A distinction is made between external and internal HR marketing and employer branding.

3 Säulen des HR-Marketings

How Evernine sees the 3 pillars of HR marketing. Source: Evernine.

  1. External HR marketing – convince the outside world!


External HR marketing is basically understood to be measures that affect recruiting. Its aim is to attract new applicants, establish contacts with young professionals, increase the company’s level of recognition and at the same time keep costs as low as possible. This pillar is primarily concerned with increasing employer attractiveness – and so external HR marketing is primarily aimed at potential employers who are outside the company.

  1. Internal HR marketing – strengthen your company from the inside!


Internal HR marketing, on the other hand, focuses on existing employees. The aim here is to motivate colleagues and employees to increase their willingness to perform in order to increase the productivity of the company. The focus should therefore be on building up an emotional bond so that the employee enjoys working for the company, identifies with the company – and ideally works for the company for as long as possible. In order to fill management positions internally as far as possible, the promotion of young talent is also part of internal HR marketing.

  1. Employer Branding – Companies must make their brand unmistakable


The third pillar of HR marketing is employer branding, which refers to both internal measures and external measures of HR marketing. Here, an attempt is made to increase the attractiveness of the company to such an extent that qualified and motivated specialists want to apply for open positions. This can take place both via online and offline measures, which present the company as an attractive employer and thus arouse the desire of potential employees to work for the company.

Evernine can get your company ahead in the recruitment market 

As a communications consultancy with an affiliated full-service agency with a broad spectrum, the Evernine Group knows exactly what is important for successful HR marketing. Add to this the experience with demographic change and a new basic attitude of many potential employees from Generation Y, which foresees a change in HR marketing. Instead of short-term measures, HR marketing must now be actively pursued – and this includes long-term and strategic planning in addition to analyzing the labor market and competitors.


The classic measures such as placing job advertisements or running individual campaigns are no longer sufficient today. What counts today is the degree of awareness and the image of a company – in modern HR marketing it is now necessary to redefine oneself as an HR brand and thus to be able to survive in the war for talents. How does that work? The Evernine Group sharpens the profile of companies and makes sure that the unique selling points of companies as employers become clear. Only through a comprehensive analysis does Evernine finally succeed in taking HR to a new level.

HR-Marketing - 3 Steps to Success
Develop a strategy before you start. Source: Evernine.

In the areas of “Consult HR”, “Connect HR” and “Create HR”, Evernine accompanies businesses from strategic planningthe development of communication conceptsthe elaboration of a suitable candidate journeyto the conception of HR campaigns with the appropriate tool selection and provision of the technologies and finally the setting up and implementation of all measures – whether internal or external. 


As a full-service marketing agency with a long-term focus, Evernine advises companies holistically in all areas of HR marketing and beyond. Based on many years of experience in marketing and know-how in the development of the job market, Evernine provides objective and neutral recommendations on how companies can best position themselves as employers and which communication strategies they should use to find the right applicants and turn them into employees.

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