HubSpot Academy Zertifizierung

Marketing Automation – Evernine is certified by HubSpot

Marketing automation is on everyone’s mind. Many companies face the decission of opting for or against marketing automation. Nevertheless, each marketeer should know the individual functions and above all the possibilities of such a tool. Evernine has turned to HubSpot and has already been certified in the field of inbound methodology.


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO and Content Marketing Managerin Evernine Group


Even though we already know a lot about what we do, it is natural for us to keep up-to-date in the marketing world and to train ourselves accordingly. As marketing automation is used by more and more companies, one thing is clear for us – we need to constantly build upon our know-how.

But what does HubSpot do at all?

The way people work, live, consume, buy and organize nowadays has changed. But many companies have not adapted to this yet. Based on this simple observation, HubSpot was founded in 2006. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah have created a vision for an inbound experience and developed HubSpot as a support platform. With a powerful, integrated set of applications, businesses can bind customers to themselves. How? By giving them inbound experiences that are relevant, helpful, and individually tailored to them. HubSpot is on a mission: To gradually move the world and the companies in the direction of inbound marketing.


What we can expect from this certification?

Through a certification we show that we are up-to-date on a current state. In addition, our customers are confirmed by third parties that we also know about HubSpot. As the marketing manager of the Evernine Group, I looked at the tool once more and obtained an inbound certification at the HubSpot Academy. Here, in an intensive marketing training program for inbound marketing methodology, I used the optimal interaction of search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, landing pages, lead care and conversion analyzes. This also involved the right reporting for sales and marketing as part of a modern inbound marketing strategy.


► Course contents of  “Inbound Methodology”

In this course, the focus laid on four actions of the Buyer’s Journey, the way your buyer persona goes through to the purchase: to arouse interest, to attract potential customers, to conclude transactions and to cultivate the customer’s relationship. These actions help every company to generate visitors and leads to attract customers. The bottom line is built by the tools that companies use to perform these actions. Thus, an unknown user is to become a buying customer along the Buyer Journey.


Always keep the Buyer Journey in mind during inbound marketing. Image: Screenshot by HubSpot Academy


But how can you handle these steps? The HubSpot Academy takes participants through a variety of webinars and course videos and provides a good overview of the topic of inbound marketing. The extensive building blocks of the curriculum are explaining both basic and advanced strategies of online marketing in an intuitive and comprehensible manner.


► The following topics were discussed:

  • Basics of an innovative inbound strategy
  • Optimize web sites for search engines
  • Creation of targeted content
  • Blogging-basics
  • Get more from content with social media
  • Get more clicks with Calls-to-Action
  • The anatomy of a landing page
  • With sites of thank you into the next phase
  • The right email for the right person
  • Smarketing – Marketing and sales are bound together
  • Inbound-Sales – Die Inbound-Methodology  in sales
  • The essential point behind statisfied customers


A small insight into the dshboard of HubSpot. Image: Screenshot Evernine via HubSpot.


After all these courses have been completed, a 90-minute test will be carried out. For me, the moment when I completed the course was very motivating and even encouraged my colleagues to get the certification. This is indeed our first HubSpot certificate, but not our last.


Inbound Marketing allows to creation digital relationships with a certain degree of automation. Interestingly: We are now starting with the first implementations with customers and are already very excited about generated traffic results.


Source of title image: Evernine Group.