How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a personal landing page


How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a personal landing page

According to the statements of many managing directors, large deals are still decided personally at the table. However, the preparation of these has long since shifted to the digital world, with LinkedIn being particularly noteworthy here. So which profile of hack should you pay attention to and what does the Social Selling Index have to do with it?


by Tobias Lilienthal
Communication Manager


Only recently, the so-called Social Selling Index (SSI) of LinkedIn has been eagerly discussed in the social networks, also in connection with the “new” LinkedIn algorithm.


Anyone registered with LinkedIn can view their personal SSI here:


LinkedIn scores four categories, each with 0-25 points, on how far you are in building a brand.


To be evaluated:


  • Building a professional brand
  • Finding the right people in the right place
  • Arousing interest through insights
  • Build relationships

But what is hidden behind these categories and how can the first steps to successful social selling look like?

You should pay attention to these three things:

Your profile is your digital business card – maintain it accordingly!
Expand your network and get in touch with executives.
Show interest and get involved to increase your reach.

View platforms like LinkedIn as a digital cocktail party, full of potential leads and customers just waiting to be addressed. But just like in the real world, there is a netiquette in the digital world that you should pay attention to.


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