Studien-Auszeichnung vermarkten

How to convince your target group with a study award

It makes sense to invest marketing budgets in the preparation of market studies. But what comes next? Sure, the marketing! Good results and a TOP placement of your own company in the targeted quadrant should also be marketed and reach the target group. We show how.


By Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


By the middle of the year, companies and their marketing departments often invest in studies. They want to know how they compare to their competitors – what quadrant they end up in this year – and what strengths and weaknesses they have in the market. A lot of money is squandered here. That’s a shame, because such information is especially important for the target groups of companies when they decide on a solution or a service provider, for example.


Once again this year, there are numerous studies whose results are to be marketed. For some years now, Evernine and the Information Services Group (ISG) have been implementing exactly this approach. We market the results for interested companies that participated in the ISG Provider Lens and present the leaders of the respective segments. How this works exactly and which steps should be considered, you can learn in this article.



Source cover: iStock / tomertu