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How psychology can optimize your social media strategy

The role of the social media manager can be complicated, especially when it comes to setting up a successful social media strategy. Social media managers should always pay attention to certain key elements when publishing new posts to the social media. With our tips, we will show you, as the person responsible for social media, what you should pay attention to.


by Lisa-Marie Werner
Communication Manager


You know that, too? The executive floor expects a mature social media strategy from you, which this time also bears fruit. But what should you basically pay attention to when conducting social media activities on behalf of your company? And what role does psychology play? In our article, we show you how you can reach your customers and followers emotionally and in a targeted manner wherever you want to pick them up. Take advantage of our supporting tips for optimal social media planning.


We have the following four tips ready for you:
  1. The perfect color choice of postings influences our associations
  2. User Generated Content & the Key Hormone Oxytocin
  3. Video, photo & illustration – visually attract attention
  4. Positive content is shared more often – Why?


The interaction of several components will help you to set up an optimal social media strategy for your company – to make your bosses happy and to pick up your target group at the right place.


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Source cover: iStock.com / alexsl