Grant your content during the summer hole the attention it deserves

Native advertising should not be new to marketing people. It is an additional tool which becomes more and more obligatory for companies. A tool which can grant your content during the summer hole the attention it deserves.


by Kathrin Drechsler
Sen. Communication Manager & CMO /
Campaigns & Media Partnerships Evernine Group


The times in which you could reach readers natively via your company’s blog are over. Today, more and more native advertising is applied to “buy” the missing audience. And that is also fine, because by the use of the marketing channel you can lead potential interested readers to the content which interests them. By special algorithms, targeting settings and the user behavior of the readers you can always reach the right people.


But in the summer? Many marketing authorities have the opinion that the usage of marketing during the summer hole (July to August) is not sensible. According to them, it is just a waist of media budget and nobody will even notice.


The use of native ads in the summer hole

Generally, native advertising should address the pain points of the customers, explain complex accomplishments or highlight the value of the appliance or emphasize interesting use cases which can answer first questions for interested people. Ideally, this is done in simple words and little technological jargon. If you address pain points, it will also interest people on their vacation. It is only paid per klick anyways – that means that the media budget is only used if users are actually interested in the content. Therefore, you reach everybody with this marketing technique who is willing to read something on their iPad, even at the beach. Now you only have to prepare the content so that it is the perfect beach read.


The qualified lead-marketing technique, which we offer, also uses a share of native advertising. We combine this with innovative performance marketing elements which are the best tools from modern PR and a digital sales-orientated customer journey. Interested? Learn more about QLM.


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