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Typografie Trends

#fontsmatter: Font trends in B2B and B2C environments

Typografie Trends

#fontsmatter: Font trends in B2B and B2C environments

Serifs, commas, punches, or ligatures may not be familiar to everyone. Nevertheless, it is important to know how typeface trends, whether applied to one’s own house typeface or in the form of defining new typefaces, achieve the desired effect. After all, any (advertising) message, no matter how great, can be diminished simply by a boring visual presentation. That’s why new and visually innovative approaches to typography are so particularly suited to generating attention with words.

Typography is much more than just a cool font. Used correctly, fonts can create effects, convey feelings and, above all, steal the show from images. Typography supports the identity of a company, can influence the meaning of words and entire contents, and contribute specifically to creating effects. Fonts can also be “charged” with values that are subconsciously communicated to the viewer.

Why is it worth investing in typography?

If you want to use typography trends for yourself and your company, it’s not always just a matter of changing the font. Rather, in this article we would like to show how it is easy to play with your own house font to make your corporate design even more interesting.

Trend #1: Italics

For a long time, the “Italic” font style was ignored in design, if used at all to emphasize individual words. But now italic typefaces are appearing more and more often and are used specifically as a design element. Whether used as headers or for accented sections of text, italic type styles add dynamism to any typeface.

Often, the use of italics is so cleverly solved that they blend with the type elements around them, even using bold or underlining (as in the example above) to showcase the “Italics” in the best possible way.

Trend #2: Bold Typography

Big ideas need big, concise letters. At least, that’s what this trend in 2022 stands for. More and more often, blocky thick fonts in graphic design catch the eye. Massive bold letters combined with interesting colors catch the eye and create creative compositions or can also create modern images without intensive color design.

Bold Typography” also creates a special effect as a stand-alone design tool. Since almost every typeface also features a particularly thick type style, usually called “Extrabold” or “Black”, this trend can also be adapted to any existing corporate typeface.

“Typography is the craft of endowing human language with a durable visual form.”

Robert Bringhurst, ‘The Elements Of Typographic Style’.

Trend #3: Animierte Schriften

“Animation can be used to deform letters in the most creative ways. The exciting thing about this trend is that illusions can be created and fonts come alive.”

Sabine Karl, Sen. Communication Designerin

Our society is in motion at all times. The same is true for typography this year. Whether sparkles, enlarge, twists or waves up to 3D animations: Everything is possible. Animated fonts can be used not only in web design. It’s also particularly useful for social media to bring short words or claims to life dynamically.

Trend #4: Experimenting with Font

Typography must be clear and legible, at least that’s the theory. But in 2022, even this rule will be broken. Experimentation with fonts continues to grow and enjoys strong popularity, especially in branding and packaging design.

Letters are primarily shapes. Experimental typography takes up this idea and redefines it. And although it is often said that typefaces need an order and must follow certain guidelines, these rules are increasingly moving into the background – through visual forms, jumbled letters or concealing and overlapping several characters.

“Experimenting with typefaces can bring a new dimension to any house font, no matter how stagnant. Often, just arranging the letters in a more dynamic way than the observer expects is enough to create a modern and upbeat look!”

Dominik Hetzer, Communication Designer

Properly use the capabilities and facets of typography trends

If there’s one thing this year’s type trends have shown us, it’s that companies can show their potential for new and surprising innovations through changeable typography alone. It is certainly worth taking a closer look at the next typeface and letting it take effect. After all, every typeface tells its own story! And as always, less is more. Typography trends should be used in a targeted manner, for example as a visual element on the website, for an advertising poster or in social networks.

Julia Leuenberger

The way these trends are used can ultimately leave a lasting impression. At best, companies should choose the trend that best matches the corporate design font they have chosen. Modern typography truly offers more design potential than just choosing a simple font. You can also learn how to apply these trends and many more correctly, especially in the area of social media, in our In our webinar “Design in Social Media”, which takes place as part of our #MC23 Academy, our Senior Communication Designer Julia Leuenberger will show you why good design is particularly important on social media, how you can increase conversions through design and put your brand in the best light. You can find more info about it & the possibility to register right here: https://aktionen.evg-media.com/webinar-design-social-media

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