Focus on KPIs: Your roadmap to sustainable employer brand development

The development of a strong employer brand is the most promising strategy to convince applicants and to survive in the “war for talents”. In this article, we show which KPIs are important and how a strong partner like Evernine supports companies here.


In 2022, around two million positions were unfilled in Germany. The shortage of skilled workers is thus increasingly noticeable – and companies are missing out on lucrative business opportunities as a result. The goal must therefore be to win over the few talents remaining on the market. This requires the right strategy, the result of which is the long-term strengthening of the company’s own employer brand. After all, companies can only hold their own in the “war for talent” with a strong employer brand.


Measures in this area are aimed both externally, to convince new applicants, and internally, to retain and motivate the company’s own workforce. Efforts to build an employer brand naturally also involve investments. In order to measure their success, clear KPIs are necessary. They are divided into KPIs related to recruiting, KPIs related to employee retention, and KPIs for measuring various measures. We present the nine most important ones below.


KPIs with recruiting relevance

1. Offer-Acceptance-Rate

Companies with an attractive employer brand are significantly more successful in recruiting. A strong employer brand attracts new talents, who are more willing to accept an employment contract offered to them and thus ensure a significant increase in the offer acceptance rate.


2. Time-to-Hire

Time-to-hire describes the time that elapses between the placement of a new job ad and the conclusion of an employment contract. The more positively a company is perceived, the greater the interest in working there, and the time-to-hire is reduced.


3. Cost-per-Hire

If companies have a strong employer brand, the costs they have to invest in ads and the like for each newly filled position are also reduced. Often, simple job advertisements via LinkedIn are sufficient, expenses for expensive headhunters are eliminated, and the cost-per-hire is reduced.

Building a successful employer brand requires the right strategy. Image source: Adobe Stock / MIND AND I.

Building a meaningful employer brand requires the right strategy. As a communications consultancy and full-service agency, Evernine supports you in this process. We develop successful communication concepts with you so that you can target and convince your desired talents, and show you, how to increase efficiency in your HR marketing.


KPIs related to employee retention

4. Fluctuation Rate

A strong employer brand is also characterized by its ability to retain employees over the long term. The most important value here is the fluctuation rate. It is a clear indicator of the satisfaction of the company’s own workforce. A low fluctuation rate also helps to reduce investments for vacant positions.


5. Employee Satisfaction

The state of mind of a company’s own employees can also be measured directly. By conducting regular surveys, companies can determine the level of employee satisfaction and use this to gauge how their employer brand is perceived internally. The feedback can also be used to derive specific measures for optimizing the employer brand.

6. Employer Rating

External platforms such as kununu or ratings on Google also allow conclusions to be drawn about how companies are perceived by their own employees. An attractive employer brand is also rated well by its own workforce, which in turn has an attractive effect on new applicants.


To build a successful employer brand, companies must pay close attention to their employees, listen to them and, at best, actively involve them in the development of their HR marketing strategy. Evernine offers you concrete support for this and shows you how to reach, motivate and retain your employees with pinpoint communication.

Pay attention to your employees when building your employer brand & include them in your HR strategy. Image source: Adobe Stock / Manpeppe.

Measure-related KPIs

7. Cost-per-Click

One of the most important KPIs in online marketing is the cost-per-click rate. The lower the costs required for a click on a job ad, the better the ad is designed and set up. If a company is already known because of its strong employer brand, the cost-per-click rate also drops.


8. Reach

The better an employer brand is designed, the more reach new job ads generate. With the right content in social media, the necessary reach can be generated easily and free of charge. And the greater the reach, the more potential talents come into contact with a company.

9. Interaction

If a company also appears as a strong employer brand, the interaction of users in the social networks also increases. This in turn increases the reach, talents get in touch with their potential employer of their own accord, and the probability of an application increases.


No one represents your company and your values more authentically to the outside world than your own employees. Including your own workforce in your communication strategy and using them as corporate influencers is thus also of central importance for building your employer brand and the success of your HR marketing. Evernine shows you, how to involve your employees and actively and sustainably promote the Digital Me/Digital Us in your workforce.

Actively involve your employees in communication. As corporate influencers, they are your figureheads. Image source: Adobe Stock / loreanto.

Support on the way to a strong employer brand

The success of measures to strengthen the employer brand can be measured. The KPIs required for this provide information about which activities have an effect both in the short term, such as cost-per-hire, and in the long term, such as the fluctuation rate, and where improvements are necessary.


This gives you the necessary data basis to adjust your employer branding strategy and to take the right steps for you. Evernine accompanies you as a strong partner on your way to a successful employer brand. Contact us!

Source title image: Adobe Stock / maxbelchenko.