5 impulses for a higher application rate

The Munich-based communication agency Evernine Group will strengthen its consulting services in the field of HR marketing and offer companies five pieces of advice to achieve visible success in recruiting. Especially the integration of own employees represents a clear advantage on the labor market.


The “war of talents” is becoming more and more critical and makes it more difficult for recruiters to find the right candidates for the respective specialties. Standardized job advertisements have failed to meet the expectations of the applicant landscape. Companies and agencies are faced with the challenge of having to resort to new measures. Particularly the stronger integration of the own coworkers into internal processes takes a higher value. The full-service agency provides five relevant impulses for this, which ensure a breath of fresh air on the job market. 

1. Stand for something not everything!

Soft values and a feel-good corporate culture are now decisive factors for applicants. Flexible working hours, adequate pay and modern offices are therefore no longer a novelty from the applicant’s point of view, but are regarded as a precondition. These developments were also observed by the communications consultants. The experts recommend that companies take a stand on a social issue in line with the motto “Stand for something, not everything”. Particularly topical examples of this are corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues – such as compatibility with family planning, team cohesion or female empowerment – or the prioritization of sustainability and ecological responsibility.


It is just as recommended that the corporate decision-makers work out common values with the team, which can be called up uniformly and comprehensibly for everyone on the company website and suitable social media channels. The same applies to corporate ethics and responsibility. 

2. Involve employees and let them embrace values!

The communications agency considers the interaction between management and staff to be an increasingly important aspect. Companies that involve their employees in topics such as corporate ethics benefit in the long term from greater appreciation and more loyal colleagues. In addition, Evernine advises its clients to repeatedly encourage their own employees to become corporate ambassadors on social media. Well-known clients already trust in the agency’s experience and develop ambassador programs for their employees together with the Evernine Group.

3. Take Advantage of new possibilities through HR marketing!

A successful HR strategy requires marketing and HR to work together on a whole new level. It is therefore recommended for HR units to make strong demands on the marketing managers in order to direct their focus to recruiting topics. In the opinion of the experts at Evernine, this requires a basic set consisting of a meaningful career section integrated into the website. A well-maintained social media presence is also an advantage for breaking new grounds with social media recruiting. The career networks LinkedIn and Xing are here for all companies a part of the basic set. of platforms. The advantage of these platforms is that recruiters can approach suitable talents quite casually and thus also reach those who are not actively looking for a new job.


But Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Co. also serve as suitable secret weapons in the battle for new talent, as does native advertising through platforms such as Outbrain and Plista via the major German publishing houses. In close cooperation, it is also advisable to consider post-PR and digital campaigns.

4. Take a look into the psychological toolkit

The competitors don’t sleep – especially not on the job market. However, taking a deeper look into the psychological toolkit can already deliver small competitive advantages. If a company is looking for new personnel for several positions, the use of a job matcher can already help. In this case, the applicant is encouraged to leave personal details on an attractive landing page so that the job matcher can announce the suitable position, including a salary estimate. There are also other tools that companies can use to make a lasting impression on candidates. Simply sending a personal WhatsApp message or a video creates a positive image.

5. Videos with a certain touch

Visual storytelling and videos are the most popular content formats in the digital world. Whether on landing or job pages, in social media, in emails or on the career blog – videos achieve better results than pure text formats. This translates into better click-through and conversion rates, more leads, and ultimately more job applications. With its in-house brand CAPTAMO, Evernine enables its clients to create surprising storytelling and advises them on content planning. Accordingly, it is particularly important to focus on the motivation and joy of the employees in the company rather than on the company’s own products and services.


“For me, the team’s active involvement in shaping the company’s values is particularly important. That’s why we rely on a mentoring program at Evernine to integrate new team members right from the start and encourage them to actively help shape the agency and its values. Supporting junior staff also has the advantage that we can fill future management positions from our internal talent pool.


We are also happy to offer our customers the appropriate support in setting up a mentoring program as well as internal restructuring. Even such small measures lead to target-oriented success in the long run,” says Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO at Evernine.


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Charlotte von Braunbehren, CHRO & Senior Communication Manager Evernine Group (Bildquelle: Evernine Group).

Image Source: Evernine Group