Evernine’s Digital Efficiency Programm leads companies to the ideal digital footprint

The Munich-based communications consultancy and full-service agency Evernine Group presents from now on companies an ideal model called “Digital Efficiency Program”. Based on a “Digital Health Check”, the communication house can directly estimate which digital measures are necessary to remain competitive on the market. 


The need to digitize areas such as marketing, PR and sales is now known to everyone – in digital SMEs as well as in the IT and digital department of a large corporation. Agencies are now acting as consultants and using best cases to show their customers how they can best achieve their goals digitally.


“Digital Efficiency Program” as a roadmap for digital positioning in SMEs


The full-service agency Evernine Group has recognized this and initiated a program specifically designed for this purpose. Based on the PESO model, the new “Digital Efficiency Program” was created, which combines all relevant areas of modern and digital marketing and PR communication. The program includes the development of measures that companies should urgently address. These involve, among other things, the areas of website, social media, and ambassador setup.


The program focuses in particular on medium-sized companies with 100 or more employees, German branches of large corporations, IT and digitization departments, consulting firms, and industrial companies from the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.


Digital Health Check as a basis


In the first step, the communications house envisions a Digital Health Check, which will examine the individual disciplines of the PESO model in more detail and evaluate the company’s overall performance.


The most relevant area for companies is “Owned Media”, which is also the cornerstone of the digital foundation. The texts created specifically by the company (or the agency) include strategic brand building, employee and HR stories, and on the operational side, an elaborate marketing and PR plan, a user-friendly website and all social media activities.


After the basis has been established, Evernine recommends the detailed elaboration of the other disciplines. The “Paid Media” area and “Earned Media” build up immediately on each other. This is because the creation of digital touchpoints and paid placements help to create awareness in the first step, which is particularly advantageous for the subsequent development of relationships with relevant journalists and editors.


Many companies still have some homework to do, particularly in the area of shared media. This refers above all to the establishment of an employee ambassador program, in which employees increase their activities in the industry environment and act as company ambassadors. Evernine also offers media coaching as an example of this.

The most important facts on a glance

With the Digital Efficiency Program, the Evernine Group, as an experienced full-service agency, offers a tangible model that links the most important disciplines of the communications world. Initially, the communication experts consider a one-year roadmap to be an effective action.


Among the successful references of the communication company are the IT consulting firm valantic or the IT service provider Expleo. For both companies, the Evernine Group takes on the implementation of post-PR services in addition to classic PR activities.


“We are pleased to add another program to our portfolio as a digital agency. With the Digital Efficiency Program, we will be able to assist our customers on their digital journey into a bright future. Depending on demand and industry, our consulting approach can be customized so that our program promises optimal outcomes and cost efficiency,” explains Alexander Roth, CEO of the Evernine Group.

Alexander Roth
Alexander Roth, CEO Evernine Group. Quelle: Evernine.

Image Source: Evernine Group