Evernine Group wins MGD Beteiligungs GmbH for its business model

With its “One Voice” approach, which has established itself in the meantime in the DACH market, as well as its original background in strategic communications consulting in the business IT and tech sector, Evernine GmbH has achieved significant growth, organically and without borrowed capital, since 2013. Most recently last year by 20 percent. In 2020 Evernine GmbH has been able to gain a new partner in the form of MGD Beteiligungs GmbH.


“The technical know-how and the progressive thinking of our first customers drove us on again and again to implement technical themes directly in our communication strategies but also in our agency services,” says Hannes Beierlein (CCO & Founder Evernine Group).


With its internal initiative, #mission2020, the Evernine Group grew in 2019 by 20 percent and, parallel to their appearance at the DMEXCO, made for the first time an official statement on the market. Mission2020 aims to lead companies on three levels into the digitalization of marketing, sales, PR and HR communication – consulting on technologies, change management and marketing strategies, support by outsourced agency services in the 360-degrees mode, and, on the third level, the possibility of running campaigns on a completely outsourced basis through the internal portals of the subsidiary media company EVG Media.


New investor for the expansion of the Consulting Unit

“For MGD Beteiligungs GmbH, the key to further growth lies in the clear ambitions of the current management, for example in the internationalization of the services and the further clear distinction from the classical agency and consulting market,” says Michael Dörrenberg (Executive Manager). MGD Beteiligungs GmbH acquires 20 percent of Evernine GmbH and also invests a substantial amount in further growth. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the purchase price and the terms and conditions. The investments will focus on the expansion of the Consulting Unit, the expansion of the portal companies, as well as the internationalization of the current business model.


Hannes Beierlein

Hannes Beierlein, CCO & Founder Evernine Group.

In times of change due to digitalization, the Evernine Group management sees clear chances of establishing a completely new approach which brings an end to the resentments up to now on the consulting and agency market. For this purpose the Evernine Group will continue to pursue its course of sustainable growth.


“With the resources from the investment we want to further shake up the consulting and agency market and send an even clearer statement in 2020 in the direction of the established players in both areas. We will continue to work on further increasing our growth.” With this message, Hannes Beierlein also wants to send a clear statement in advance of the next scheduled round of investment for 2025, in which larger steps on the market could certainly be an option.





Exciting portfolio with innovative approaches

In addition, Evernine also entered into partnerships with major players on the market – including HubSpot, Outbrain, plista, Raidboxes – in order to be able to always offer the customers the latest technologies for their communication, increase visibility and further expand the portfolio. At the DMEXCO, co-founder and CEO of the Evernine Group, Alexander Roth, managed to interest several well-known brands from a wide range of sectors in the approaches of the Evernine Group, including for example the trend theme of account-based marketing. “For years now we have been one of just a few companies consistently providing strategic management consulting in the field of corporate communication as well as all of the agency services essential for the implementation of the external and internal communication. In short, PR, marketing, digital sales and web services from a one-stop shop – One Voice.” With this promise the company has managed in recent years not only to convince customers from the tech and business IT world, but also companies from the sectors life sciences & engineering, sports & health, living & style as well as corporate & finance.


Further expansion of the full-service agency

With the uncompromising development of the internal agency services in the campaign, video, creation and event sector, but also in the field of E-commerce and web services, the Evernine Group is not only expanding its claim as a strategic, sector-specific communications consulting company, but also the area of the full-service agency. The Evernine Group offers own portals such as InspiredBySports.com and Cloudmagazin.com, grouped in their own companies under EVG Media, to other PR, media and advertising agencies for publishing purposes. The classical agency market and individual departments thus receive direct access to the highly successful “QLM” (Qualified Lead Marketing) approach which is basically about generating leads and awareness via content with campaigns. Evernine has been able to further develop this QLM approach in recent years through the use of modern technologies without having a strategic partnership or its own account manager at Evernine GmbH.


A young company with start-up character

Evernine has also taken on several activities in the area of personnel development and recruitment. For example, the company has developed a 360-degrees training program for new entrants and, as well as flexible work models, offers its employees the reconcilability of family and career, as well as further benefits, with fresh fruit to provide the daily dose of vitamin C, table football and creative breaks with plenty of coffee and soft drinks.



Source title image: iStock / gradyreese