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Evernine goes fashion!

The Evernine Group expanded the portfolio by the category „Fashion & Lifestyle“ at the end of 2016. There are now exciting fashion projects for 2017.


By Sandra Benz
Content Marketing Managerin and Influencer Evernine Group


In the future, Evernine will do fashion and lifestyle projects by the name “DRESSED Comunications”. This includes digital brand strategies for companies in the fashion & lifestyle sectors with comprehensive advice. DRESSED Communications also makes it possible to access your own magazine. Through the in-house full-service agency, including professional discussions, all steps of digital communication are implemented directly.


The fashion industry is faced with the challenge of establishing itself digitally, since traditional methods are often no longer sufficient. Because of the great demand for communication strategies for fashion and lifestyle companies, Evernine has decided to become active in this industry also.


► Höfer Stoffe: Conception and Relaunch

The new website of Weberei Höfer GmbH is the first project in the new category. DRESSED Communications took over the conception and relaunch of the Höferstoffe website and helped the traditional company from Prien am Chiemsee to a completely new Internet presence.


► These are the servies of  DRESSED Communications in summary:

  • Digital Communication – Consulting for CEOs, Marketing, Sales & PR
  • Brand development – Brand-Strategy, CI-Design, UX/UI Guide and product, service & solution strategies
  • Websites & Magazines – Optimized websites and Onlineshops with UX, CTR, Responsive Design and the way to your own magazine
  • Awareness & Lead Campagnes – Multi-Channel Campagnes via Social, Content Distribution, SEM & PR
  • Content Work & Blog Support – independent Blog support with our editorial, PR-routine and newsletter connection


Here you can read more about DRESSED Communications.

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