Evernine achieves renewed growth of 20 percent in 2022 – and focuses on the human factor in comms management

In the past fiscal year 2022, the Munich-based communications consultancy and full-service agency Evernine Group achieved growth of over 20 percent for the third year in a row. For 2023, the focus is now on the human factor and the integration of data and MarTech in successful corporate communications, as well as efficiency increases along the entire value chain due to customized communications networking.

The Evernine Group feels confirmed in its strategy of positioning itself disruptively on the agency market via the One Voice approach. The Group, founded in 2013, supports companies in setting up their communication in a digital, networked, agile and cost-efficient way and offers holistic services for digital transformation. The focus for the 2023 will be now on the human factor, which the company sees as increasingly indispensable for the success of the urgently needed digitization of strategic communications – from recruiting (“War For Talent”) to coherent integration into the agile organization (“Digital Me”).

Evernine with unique masterclass approach

Evernine 2022 achieved particular success with its unique Masterclass approach. In the modules of the program, the award-winning full-service agency organizes the most important processes such as networking of sales, marketing, PR and HR in order to make the entire value chain along the customer and employer journey (more) cost-efficient.


Starting with the mindset of a company’s own team and the understanding of digital “selling” (both of itself and of the corresponding product/service), through to the use of digital data technology, everything is put to the test and the associated agenda.

Digital Change with Evernine Group (Source: Evernine Group).

Double-digit sales growth in the last 6 years

In the past fiscal year, the Evernine Group achieved a sales growth of over 20 percent and has reached a clear double-digit growth rate for six years in a row. In total, the group’s turnover now amounts to over 3.35 million euros. The share of the consulting business in total sales grew to around 25 percent. The portfolio areas of HR marketing and brand and agency services also recorded considerable success. Strong growth was generated above all by the innovative “Digital Me” approach. The Digital Me approach aims to put people at the center of digitization and accompany them on the path to finding their own digital identity through motivation, encouragement, and the necessary know-how.

As a result, personal and career goals should be aligned with corporate goals. Customers showed special interest in this approach and the associated consulting by Evernine, in order to be able to react in the best possible way to current challenges in the market.

Circle Tour & NineBrackets as important group members

The other members of the group also recorded major growth successes overall. The digital agency and Evernine subsidiary Nine Brackets, for example, was able to impress with its broad range of individual web applications, marketing automation solutions and digital tools. The Circle Tour, Evernine Group’s digital event & CX format in the high-level segment, as well as the publishers MBF Media and IBS Publishing, which offer campaigns and marketing for companies in diverse industries from B2B and B2C, also contributed significantly to Evernine Group’s ongoing positive development with large revenue increases in each case.


“We are pleased to continue finding such good resonance in the market with our unique one-voice approach. This confirms our strategy as a communications consultancy with an affiliated full-service agency that offers its clients full expertise in all areas of digital marketing.” Alexander Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of Evernine Group.

Alexander Roth, CEO and Co-Founder Evernine Group (Source: Evernine Group).

Focus for 2023: the human factor

Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO Evernine Group (Source: Evernine Group)

In order to stay ahead of the market, Evernine Group is now focusing on the human factor even more than before, internally as well as within the scope of the offered services. Evernine is convinced that the “war for talents” is crucial for the digitalization of highly competitive industries – for its own brand as well as for customer companies. Evernine has thus itself boosted developments on several levels in order to retain employees and promote them individually. The aim is to achieve professional agility that also enables employees to adapt their own career paths over the process and to integrate them into the corporate architecture in an agile manner.


Corporate social responsibility is at the focus of the in-house programs, which include topics such as corporate responsibility, sustainability and the promotion of family and career, also within the framework of flexible working models. The associated internal and external corporate communications play an important role here: for example, as part of Evernine’s Digital Me approach, which enables employees to advance their own careers digitally, for example in social media as part of Ambassador programs, also using professional communications and network building. Do good and talk about it: Special importance is attached to external sustainability communication, which will become increasingly significant in the market in general and thus also in the Evernine portfolio over the next few years using the concept of brand loyalty marketing.


“For us, One Voice means that we also promote our employees through targeted brand and HR strategies and empower them to represent Evernine with a strong voice. The success of this approach is also seen by our customers, who benefit from One Voice and demand our model strongly in a challenging market.” Charlotte von Braunbehrens, CHRO and Senior Communications Manager, Evernine Group.

Data and MarTech as important parts of corporate communications

In the upcoming years, the most important parts of corporate communications will be completely digitized. The various AI and MarTech services for planning, executing, and measuring campaigns and marketing activities, such as CRM systems, e-mail marketing tools, and social media marketing solutions, will therefore become increasingly important. New technologies such as artificial intelligence will deliver growing added value, also in the direction of personalization. However, one factor is crucial: people, whom companies must take with them on their journey! At the moment, many companies are unintentionally forgetting their employees due to top-down strategies that are being pushed through. The goal must be to bring everyone involved, to take their skills and interests into account, and thus to bind them to their company and to inspire them for a common path into the digital future.


Companies can achieve this by listening to their employees, communicating openly, giving them responsibility, and empowering them to set the decisive impulses themselves. To achieve this, it is necessary to break up team structures, think in a completely new way and adopt an agile approach. In this way, companies achieve greater effectiveness, human connection and agility.


“We are convinced that our one-voice approach will enable us to continue to respond to market developments in an agile and scalable way in the coming years. Our customers recognize that Evernine’s focus on the human factor and Digital Me makes it the right partner for their digital transformation and will continue to inspire them with innovative ideas in the future.” Hannes Beierlein, CSO and Co-Founder of Evernine Group.

Hannes Beierlein, Co-Founder & CSO der Evernine Group (Source: Evernine Group)

Source title image: Evernine Group