Data Driven Marketing

Even small and medium-sized businesses can easily enter into data-driven marketing: This is how

Data-driven marketing in combination with modern automation software promises new possibilities for digital sales. However, data protection guidelines are unsettling for many companies: What is allowed and what is not allowed when dealing with personalized advertising? Find out why these concerns are unjustified and what opportunities arise for you thanks to data-driven marketing.


In recent months, a radical change in B2B sales has taken place in many German companies: Instead of generating business at traditional trade fairs, marketing and sales activities have shifted to the digital world.


Modern marketing automation tools support companies in entering the world of data-driven marketing. Customers and prospective customers are managed and automatically developed further in their own CRM in the common tools. For the marketing team, the software solutions offer various campaign options for generating leads and awareness, while in sales the tools are used to convert opportunities into real business.


Integrated tracking and analytics functions not only deliver individualized responses thanks to the data obtained, but also help to make the success of your marketing and sales measures measurable.

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Opportunities of data marketing

The opportunities of data marketing in combination with marketing automation solutions speak for themselves: A study by Forrester Research has shown that companies that actively use marketing automation generate on average 50 percent more leads at 33 percent lower costs. Gartner confirms that on average, they record revenue growth of around 10 percent in the first nine months. And VB Insight also noted that companies with a corresponding tool were able to increase the conversion rate by 77 percent.

Data protection guidelines cause confusion 

However, not least due to the new cookie guideline, which is legally effective as of June 1 and requires an active declaration of consent from the website visitor, some companies are uncertain as to what tracking and thus data marketing is allowed – and what not.


Cookie tools such as Cookiebot have of course long since incorporated the new guidelines into their functional scope. They actively obtain the user’s declaration of consent so that companies do not have to worry about this. In addition, the functionalities of the Marketing Automation Software in dealing with personal data are also aligned with the DSGVO.

How to find the right tool for your business model

Marketing automation software such as HubSpot, Adobe’s Marketo or Oracle Eloqua offer different functionalities depending on the area of application and also differ greatly in price.


In the automation software jungle, it is therefore not always easy to keep an overview and find the right tool for your own processes. HubSpot, for example, is suitable for content marketing activities, while Marketo is mainly used for automated e-mail marketing campaigns. Tools such as Eloqua are primarily aimed at the upper enterprise segment, while other software solutions are already available at lower prices.


We at the Evernine Group have been working in a technology-agnostic way for years and therefore know only too well the strengths and weaknesses of the different providers. We consult a large number of customers and in assessments and workshops together we determine with sales and marketing managers which marketing automation tool suits you, how you can use it in a target-oriented way and to what extent it can be integrated into your individual business model.

Marketing automation as a strategic decision

Would you like to find out more about data marketing and marketing automation tools? Then take a look at our webinars “New Ways in Account-based Marketing” or “DSGVO & Data Marketing” or arrange a non-binding meeting.

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