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Employees as influencer – the hidden weapon of companies

When they hear the word influencer, many people first think of stars and starlets on the usual social media platforms. However, the most effective and successful influencers are located in companies. In this article, you will learn how you can benefit from this unseen potential.


Many companies are already active in classic influencer marketing, for example via Instagram or Tik Tok,in order to address end customers and to take advantage of the trust that Internet celebrities enjoy, especially among the younger generation.


In the B2C area, this approach can also be quite effective, but in other places, such as B2B or HR, classic influencers are largely useless. Here, it is worthwhile instead to use people with expertise and experience who both enjoy the trust of their own managers and are well-known in the industry and recognized specialists in their field.


And these people are already sitting in the companies in form of their own employees. This is a treasure that needs to be unlocked!

Your own employees as “influencers”

Some may now ask themselves why influencers could be of any use at all in the B2B sector. After all, companies as customers are far less guided by emotions than end customers. However, companies are also made up of normal people, and they in turn are guided by emotions, a personal approach, and trust.


Turning their own employees into ambassadors for their own brand therefore offers a major advantage for companies. C-level managers should set a good example here. After all, when the company’s top management presents itself on social media channels, this boosts the motivation of other employees to do the same. Building a network and increasing reach are essential steps on the way to becoming successful corporate influencers. This creates an entire community around a company’s employees, who gain trust in them and gain authentic insights into the inner workings of companies. This can also quickly give rise to new business relationships.

HR can benefit as well

Another area where employees can be successful as ambassadors for their own company is the HR department. While the war of talents is still on, the companies that do not solely rely on traditional job advertisements are usually more successful in finding new candidates. Entering the new age of the labor market, these are usually not the only important means of recruiting. A personal approach to applicants and employees who authentically share their company experiences and tell the market about them create trust – and convince potential talents.


After all, the company’s own employees know the values and atmosphere of their company best and can provide first-hand insights into the processes, thus bringing recruiting to a successful conclusion.

Visibility benefits everyone

Anyone who makes an appearance on social media channels gains one thing above all: visibility. And that’s exactly what it’s all about. Companies benefit from increased visibility through their employees. This attracts the attention of new business customers as well as potential applicants, an unbeatable advantage over less active competitors. However, their own employees also benefit from this visibility. On the one hand, they are visible to their own managers and their efforts can be an advantage for themselves in terms of promotions, etc. At the same time, they are also visible to the outside world. In the meantime, they are also visible to the outside world, do not get lost behind the name of their employer, and are thus clearly part of the corporate identity.


At Evernine, we also encourage our own employees to increase their social media presence. Only those who regularly post on platforms such as LinkedIn, XING, etc. can put themselves and their company in the spotlight as experts in the market. In addition to internal workshops, we are also happy to offer our support to customers.

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