Digitale Fitness

Digital Fitness – How far is your business?

Digitization is increasingly becoming an integral part of companies. But not every department can deal with digitization – because they do not want or can not. In the study of a personnel and management consultancy the “digital fitness” of German companies was examined. We summarize the hard facts briefly.


by Kathrin Eubisch
CMO / Content Marketing Manager Evernine Group


How far have you been in digitization? How far are you in digital communication? These questions are currently common. Nevertheless, not everyone has a suitable answer. The consulting company Lautenbach Sass and the personnel consultant PRCC measured the so-called “digital fitness” in German companies last year. They have examines how far the Corporate Communications department is in digitization, where they have the most difficulty, and whether they have the skills needed to support the transformation process.


This year, the survey was again conducted online with a total of 236 Communicators – including Communication Managers and Public Relations Officers from German companies, organizations, agencies and consultancies. The basis of the survey was the so-called “Digital Fitness Model”, which describes the maturity of corporate communication and communicators in terms of digitization at four stages of development: “beginners” who have little experience with digitization, “followers” who wait until have established standards for digital communication, “experts” who have already adjusted to digitization, and “enablers” who drive digital transformation.


The results say exactly what many companies know but do not necessarily want to hear – they all have to adapt to the challenges of digitization, in terms of processes, strategy or technology. In one, the companies are unanimous: When asked how satisfied they are with the digital fitness of their corporate communications, 86 percent say they would like to continue with digitization.


More information about the study and the results can be found here.


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