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Digital Events – Plan your home office online event

Your business event or that important trade fair was cancelled? Don’t fret, your efforts and event preparations must not have been in vain. Simply move your event to the digital world – we help plan digital events with targeted measures to reach your desired target group digitally, attractive and direct.


Preparation is the key to a successful event, whether in the digital or in the real world. You have probably already completed most of that, bringing up a lot of time and effort. Now all you have to do is reposition, advertise and successfully implement your new event.

Our subsidiary NineToNine Events consists of competent and creative minds who will assist your event planning, from invitation management, to the creation of event pages, to digital PR measures.


The advantages of online events?

Entrepreneurs now surely think that much effort was in vain and that a digital event does not have the same power as a real event on location? Not so fast! Online events can very well keep up with physical events and offer some additional positive factors:


  • Flexible & fast: You remain flexible compared to your competitors and can react quickly to current developments.
  • Save money: All fees are eliminated. And new budgets are freed up for marketing.
  • Everywhere, always & no limit: From your home office to the whole world. Where and when customers are to be met can be flexibly regulated digitally. In addition, there are almost no limits to the number of participants! Everyone can take part in your digital event.
  • The perfect promotional gift – Content: With an aesthetic online presence and exciting, creative content, companies stay in the memory of their customers.


Lisa Werner Digital Events

The right contact for every event

“With our experts from NineToNine Events, we will design your elaborated concept into a digital event that will be remembered by every participant”, Lisa-Marie Werner, Business & Sport Eventunit NineToNine Events.


Further information about NineToNine Events can be found here: on the website: https://www.ninetonineevents.com/digitale-events/.


The complete press release on the topic can be found here.




Image Source: iStock / Eva-Katalin